6 Tips to Prepare Your Staff and Temporary Staff for a Promotional Event

Do you want to make sure that your promotional event is a success? This is an important occasion that is going to build brand awareness and get customers interested in your products or services. First impressions count and you have to ensure that you plan every detail of a promotional event.

One of the most essential things you have to do is prepare your staff and temporary staff for the big day. After all, they are going to be the face of your brand just as much as you are. So, here are some tips on how to prepare your team for a promotional event.


Communicate Your Story

Behind every brand, there is a story. This could be how you started your business or what you want your brand to represent. Either way, you need to communicate your story with your staff and temporary staff so that you are on the same wavelength. Customers are looking for more than just cheap products and quick-fix services. They are looking for more and this is often finding a brand that they believe in and that resonates with them. Thus, you need to educate all of your staff on your story so that they are able to do this for you at the promotional event.


Create Goals

When it comes to your promotional event, you are going to have goals. In other words, these are things you want to achieve by the end of the event. Perhaps this is creating a certain number of leads or selling so many products. Either way, you want to give your staff something to aim for. Then on the day of the promotional event, they are going to have direction.

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Hold a Meeting

Ensure that you meet with all of your staff before the promotional event. This is a time to go over what you expect from them and are looking to achieve. What’s more, it is an opportunity for staff and temporary staff to ask questions or to have any other queries answered. Yes, the team might have a lot of experience, but they might want to clarify a few things before the big day. So, make sure that you give them a chance to do this.


Set the Energy Levels

Remember that your team is going to follow your lead. In other words, in your meeting, you will be able to communicate your enthusiasm and excitement. This is going to spread to your team and they are going to give this good energy to customers. So, make sure that you are mindful of your energy levels and lead the way when it comes to coaching your staff. Customers love upbeat and exciting energy and this can really make a difference when it comes to a promotional event. After all, who will be interested in a brand that comes across as dull and boring?


Assign Certain Roles

Promotional events can be busy and there are going to be a lot of different tasks to do. You want to make sure that every member of your task has a job they are comfortable with. This could be serving drinks or it could be sales for your products. No matter what the role is, always make sure that every team member knows what they are doing. This is going to help with confidence and allow everyone to have their own role at the promotional event.


Offer Incentives

If you really want to make sure that your staff remain motivated, you can even consider incentives for the promotional event. In other words, you can reward your staff if they are able to achieve certain goals. This can allow motivation to stay high and give your staff something to aim for. You can decide what the incentives are and ensure that you communicate them to your team. This way, they can know ahead of the event what they are going to get if they are able to achieve the goals you have set.