A Good Call From BT, Swansea BID, BT, and Creative Hospitality Group to Keep Firms Functioning

Swansea BID (Business Improvement District), BT and Creative Hospitality Group, which runs The Three Lamps, Peppermint and Brewstone, have been working together to support hundreds of BT staff with daily delivered meals over the past week, and to help keep the eateries up running during these difficult times for City Centre businesses.

Workers in Swansea’s BT Tower are on hand to answer customers’ urgent enquiries throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, with the Swansea site being an important 5G hub for the UK and an anchor business for Wales.

Swansea BID approached BT, one of the City Centre’s key employers, to broker a lunchtime delivery service, to enable its hundreds of staff to be fed without having to leave the office and put themselves at any unnecessary risk of infection. A shout-out to BID area food outlets saw Creative Hospitality Group, the owners of The Three Lamps, Peppermint, Bambu and Brewstone, step up to fill those daily orders.

Andrew Douglas, Business Liaison Manager at Swansea BID said:

“We were pleased to be able to broker this agreement between BT and Creative Hospitality Group to help these popular eateries stay busy during very tough times – and to make sure BT staff are looked after.

“The Coronavirus outbreak has put us all to the test – businesses, consumers, employers and employees alike, and it is important that we all do what we can to support each other through this. Swansea City Centre will emerge from this crisis and we will continue to pull together to ensure it regains its equilibrium, and goes on to greater success.”

Nerys Gimblett Williams, Managing Director of Creative Hospitality Group, said:

“Like all businesses in Wales and the UK at the moment, we are working hard to ensure we get through this so we can continue to provide valuable employment to local people – not to mention quality food, drink and experiences to people in Swansea and Cardiff. We were pleased to be part of this initiative with Swansea BID and BT and we hope BT staff will visit us often once we open our doors again.”

Kelly Ore, BT Swansea Concierge, said:

“We were happy to strike up this agreement with Swansea BID and Creative Hospitality Group, where we paid daily for delicious food deliveries from this popular local restaurant, to our workforce. We are all charting new territory, because of the Coronavirus outbreak, and it is important that we continue to provide our vital services to the UK throughout this crisis. Many thanks to Creative Hospitality Group chefs for keeping us so well-fed during this time!”

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