If you’re a first-time driver it can be a nervy time. You don’t want to get your car damaged and it can be daunting heading out onto the roads without supervision. Read on for a reassuring guide on looking after your car.

Before taking your car out

To maintain safety you should go through a number of checks before starting your journey. Adjust your seat, side-mirrors and rear-view mirror to ensure that you’re comfortable and can see the full scope of the road. When you set off make sure you stay in the habit of checking your blind spots and indicate clearly to other road users.

Cautious driving

Initially, you’ll need to get used to your car. The clutch, handbrake and general feel all differ depending on the vehicle. As such, it’s best to drive cautiously at the start to minimise the risk of mistakes. Although it can be tempting, you should also lower the radio and switch off your music so that you’re fully aware of what’s going on around you in the car. Road trips can also wait initially as you try and get to grips with navigation too.

Servicing and MOT

Regular servicing and MOTs are crucial for the wellbeing of your car. For a start, every car over the age of three requires an MOT by law. This is a visual inspection of your car that determines whether the vehicle meets road standards as set by the DVSA. Servicing on the other hand isn’t required by law. Instead, it’s a regular check up to maintain the roadworthiness of your vehicle. When you book car service online, you’ll be able to opt for a full service or an interim service. Depending on whichever you select, your car will receive an inspection, top up on vital fluids and some parts will be replaced. All of this ensures that your car runs smoothly and that you won’t encounter any nasty surprises.

Insurance and protection

Of course, insurance and protection are crucial for your car too. You’re required by law to at least take out third-party insurance. But you can also take out comprehensive insurance, including fire and theft to be safe. If you’re a new driver and want to save money, you could consider black box insurance. This is where you entitle your insurance provider to monitor your driving habits, allowing them to adjust the price of your insurance accordingly.

Ineffectively looking after your car can be costly and frustrating. However, by following this guide and meeting every step, you should be able to smoothly maintain your car and minimise potential dangers to you and your passengers.