Take a look at our picks for why you should finally get that online business going in 2022

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of reasons why 2022 is the time to start your online business. There are the ongoing lockdowns that are making any job with a necessary physical presence unsafe, staff members are quitting unworthy jobs to find something more deserving of them, and the economy is forever on shaky ground. These are just some  reasons to consider altering your professional long term goals and intentions. With that said, we want to show you the perks of shifting your focus to the online inhttps://www.wix.com/dustry and creating your own online store.

If you have an idea or products that you think you can sell online, but you just need that final persuasion, take a look at our picks for why you should finally take that leap of faith. Get your broadband upgraded, start that store, and see where the world wide web can take you.

Digital marketing is more effective than ever

The digital marketing world keeps on evolving, and this is very beneficial to small online businesses. Digital marketing has already become more accessible, affordable, and more effective than traditional media marketing. In 2022, we will see a real shift in consumer habits and marketing reactions that we will need to keep up with in order to stay relevant in the market

More and more, customers are discovering new brands to buy from through social media –  they are both actively searching for and organically finding companies on these platforms. There has been a growing appreciation for genuine content and brands through influencers, which in turn has led to a growing distrust of big corporations and the need to research a company’s priorities before making a purchase.

Furthermore, social media platforms are increasingly catering to online businesses. Instagram has released features that will take a user right to a tagged item to buy it for themselves, as well as affiliate marketing features to better put smaller influencers in touch with large brands.

This is all very useful to small online businesses. You can use the new social media features and with content that shows your genuine side, make a decent living from being a micro-influencer with your own business.

There are a lot of industries to tap into online

2021 was the start of developing on very shaky ground. Some businesses couldn’t survive the constant lockdowns, and some managed to adapt.

The main way industries adapted was by moving online. Physical premises and their hefty rent were dropped for a retail website, food was no longer eaten in-house but delivered to their door via an app, and freelance was the name of the game.

These new industries haven’t gone away, and are, in fact, the more realistic option for making a steady income. With lockdowns being threatened every few months, it makes sense to keep your business in your laptop. The obvious examples are selling your products or services online, but there are other examples of traditional industries adapting to the internet age.

Even traditionally face-to-face professions are adapting to becoming online. You can freelance as anything your talents lend you to, such as writing or graphics, but also personal assistant jobs are moving online, where you can work for multiple clients at once more efficiently.

It allows you to live the life you want

The initial forcing of working from home opened a lot of people’s eyes to its perks. There was a lot of talk of upgraded productivity from managers, while staff members reported a level of freedom that they never witnessed before. There were no more managers hovering over their employees’ shoulders or the constant fear of being replaced for taking a call from your child’s school. Instead, parents reported being able to work around their children, other staff members got more exercise in, and mental health improved. As long as the work was done, there was no need to worry.

Imagine all of that, but you are also your own boss. Your success and growth is dictated only by you, with no one else to answer to. You can work around family, or simply as you wish, doing as much as you see necessary. An online business can give you this freedom.

To take it even further, taking your business online can allow you to embrace the digital nomad life. Employees are already fleeing their countries with a backpack and laptop in hand to live a new life, working entirely from their computers. If this is your dream lifestyle, you can start your own online business and manage it while enjoying the freedom of working from anywhere in  the world.