If you’re looking for something different from slot gameplay, the range of live games on offer across all the best online casino sites is certainly worth looking into. These provide players with the simple and entertaining gameplay of a modern video slot and the engaging live setting of an online casino game title. One such game that has proven extremely popular amongst players is the Monopoly Live title by Evolution Gaming. This title combines live dealer gameplay with simple wheel mechanics and a variety of great visual features throughout the play.

If you are looking for something new, the Monopoly Live game is available to play here at MERKUR SLOTS. Although this gameplay is as simple as a live game can be, newcomers to any game should learn as much about play as possible before placing a stake. This guide should help you decide if Monopoly Live is the type of game for you and what to expect from your first spin of the wheel!

Monopoly Live Background

The Monopoly Live game was released in 2019 by Evolution Gaming with lots of inspiration taken from their Dream Catcher title, brought out a year earlier. This game was formed after a deal with Hasbro gave Evolution Gaming exclusive access to the theme. The game show-style format provides players with a main game studio setting and bonus features that take place across the Monopoly board itself!

Monopoly Live instantly became a popular title after its release and led to great acclaim for Evolution Gaming. The Monopoly Live game won a Game of the Year award from EGR in 2019 and Gaming Intelligence in 2020, voted for by industry operators.

Monopoly Live Design

The play screen in Monopoly Live begins in the game show setting with the background defiled by a huge window through which a cityscape is visible. The city background is filled with bright animated buildings, more realistic skyscrapers and hot air balloons in the distance throughout play. In front of this background, the live game host stands next to a colourful wheel filled with text and numbers and a golden podium with two dice displayed on it. To the left of the play wheel, the animated Monopoly man is positioned, bringing an augmented reality feel to play in Monopoly Live.

The bonus feature in Monopoly Live moves gameplay onto a 3D Monopoly board surrounded by various bright-coloured buildings from the base game background. The Monopoly man is also brought into play here as he hops across the locations segments of the board during play. The visual features really excel during this feature, from moving around the board to picking up Community Chest or Chance cards and even celebratory fireworks if you win!

Monopoly Live Gameplay

Gameplay of Monopoly Live begins with players overlooking the game show set as the host announces the betting window is open. Players can edit their bet stakes using the different coloured casino chip icons located across the bottom of the screen. They can then place these casino chips on any or all of the 6 bet options displayed above the stake options; these are:

  • 1 – There are 22 white number 1 segments on the wheel in Monopoly Live.
  • 2 – There are 15 green number 2 segments on the wheel in Monopoly Live.
  • 5 – There are 7 pink number 5 segments on the wheel in Monopoly Live.
  • 10 – There are 4 blue number 10 segments on the wheel in Monopoly Live.
  • 2 Roll – There are 3 black 2 Roll segments on the wheel in Monopoly Live.
  • 4 Roll – There is 1 black 4 Roll segment on the wheel in Monopoly Live.

Players will have a finite amount of time to choose and place their bets in Monopoly Live, with a countdown occurring on screen during this window. Once all bets are placed, the game host will spin the wheel of play; this will eventually slow down and come to a stop with the golden arrow pointing at the winning segment. Any bets that are placed on a numbered winning segment will provide instant payouts made into the players’ kitty before the betting window reopens. If the wheel stops on Chance, a random cash prize or multiplier is rewarded, and a multiplier is placed on all stakes for an additional spin of the wheel.

If the wheel ends with the golden pointer aimed towards a 2 Roll or 4 Roll segment and players have bet on these options, they will access the main bonus feature in Monopoly Live. This feature moves gameplay into the cityscape backdrop and the Monopoly board beneath; players are then given 2 or 4 rolls of the dice to move around the board. Before this feature commences, the Monopoly man will place random multipliers on locations around the board between 10x and 100x, to begin with. Once the dice are rolled, players can travel around the board, winning multipliers from any location they land on. The Chance card multiplier can be added to all win potential in this feature, providing up to 1,000x stake multipliers in Monopoly Live.

The property value during this feature increases the further around the board you travel, with Mayfair holding the highest return potential. A full trip around the board here will see all property values in play doubled; players will hope to land high numbers to achieve this, as they are only given 2 or 4 rolls to start. Some additional bonus features to look out for in the Monopoly Live bonus feature include an additional dice roll for landing a double, just like in the board game. Other features, like the original game, can be less generous; the Income or Super Tax segments on the board can take 10% or 20% of your winnings if you land on them. There is also the Go To Jail to worry about; landing here will mean you need to roll a double to get out or waste away your remaining rolls behind bars!

Monopoly Live Summary

The Monopoly Live game is perfect if you are looking for an online casino game filled with animated features and design. The bonus here lets players relive everyone’s favourite board game with the chance to land great multiplier returns from play!