Information technology in the movie industry has recently been used more and more often. Their use causes a lot of controversies since the movie industry is an art in which different specialists work: some strictly follow the “old school” course and shoot their movie masterpieces on film, others prefer new technologies and shoot movies in digital format using artificial intelligence, and other IT technologies. 

In this article, we will talk about what information technologies in video production are used today and what prerequisites they have for development.

Technologies Used in the Video Production

Movie production uses both simple and more complex technologies. With these tools, specialists can add audio to video or create a deepfake. Let’s take a look at them.

Cloud Technologies

Usually, several tens and even hundreds of different specialists from different parts of the world can work on a movie. With the actors, everything is clear – without their performance in a particular location, there will be no masterpiece movie. 

But producers, directors, editors, etc. may not come, but work from their own country. To do this, developments on the movie are uploaded to cloud services, and specialists from different countries can work on it remotely. 

Neural Networks and Actors

The use of artificial intelligence in video production is becoming more and more popular, because it can “rejuvenate” any actor, “give” him additional features and characteristics, and much more. The actor will be needed only to get the image and give the main actions to his hero, and all the additional events of the game can add a neural network.

Neural Networks and Scenarios

Everything related to writing scripts and editing videos with the help of artificial intelligence is in an experimental stage. It is too early to talk about some masterpieces, but there are prerequisites and developments, so it is likely that in the near future we will see a movie created by artificial intelligence.

Digital Twins

Information technology in the movie industry has come close to creating full-fledged digital twins for acting actors. Such experiments have already been carried out in the movie “Terminator: Genisys”. This technology is not yet perfect, so it is not used very widely. It is not ideal because it is not yet possible to accurately recreate the facial expressions and reactions of a real person.

Virtual Reality

This IT technology is only being tested in the movie industry so far. It is not yet possible to develop a full-fledged movie in virtual reality due to a number of problems. For example, due to the failure of modern VR helmets, a person feels discomfort: nausea and headaches. 

And the second point is a 360-degree view. With such an overview, it is difficult to keep the viewer’s attention on the desired movie scene. There are already short movies and videos in the virtual reality format, which means that a full-length VR movie is waiting for us very soon.

Game Engines

Modern gamers know that many game engines make games very realistic. This property of engines is also used in the movie industry. With the help of game engines, they can already “impose” cool computer graphics on the footage. If necessary, this can be done even in real-time, right during the filming process.

Animation Technologies

Giving drawn characters the properties of living actors is an achievement of modern animation. These properties include breathing, emotions, the realism of physical movements, etc. Animated movies are also becoming more realistic.

Streaming Services

Previously, a movie was made for the viewer to go to the cinema and watch it on the big screen. But recently there has been a reorientation of viewers from cinemas towards streaming services. This has had an impact on the movie industry, as now movie makers have to worry about how the movie will look on the small screens of gadgets so as not to lose their potential audience.

Modernization of Digital Cameras

As we have already said, the digital format is an opportunity to upgrade digital video cameras. In the production of movies, cameras without operators are already used. The cameras can shoot independently, constantly keeping the hero in the frame.

Final Thoughts

Modern information technology in the movie industry will have an impact on the process of making movies, despite the fact that there are critics who are unhappy with this. IT technologies are something new and unknown. And everything new is always alarming and frightening. Nevertheless, only thanks to movie industry enthusiasts, did new masterpieces appear, in the creation of which modern IT technologies were used.