ACCA Cymru Wales and CMI Cymru Wales unite for St David’s Day exploring Wales’ digital future

On Friday 1 March ACCA Cymru Wales held its annual St David’s Day Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff, alongside CMI Cymru Wales.

Over 140 business leaders from across all sectors in Wales, as well as representatives from education, health and Government, came together to hear from Gary Thompson, a senior leader specialising in innovation, Full Fibre Networks and 5G.

In his speech, Gary outlined the huge opportunities that could arise for Wales, by investing in digital infrastructure. He highlighted how this could meet the grand challenges outlined in the UK Industrial Strategy and the Welsh Government’s Economic Action Plan.

Creating a national digital infrastructure would not only boost Wales’ GDP, but would also increase productivity, encourage innovation and inward investment. Developing an economic and innovative ecosystem around new technology, and positioning Wales as an internet gateway to rival London, would benefit businesses, universities, creative industries, renewable energy projects and public services alike.

Gary Thompson said:

Investing in international connectivity in Wales means that we enable businesses globally to invest in our nation. Wales is well-positioned, which means this is a massive opportunity for us to create the digital motorway of the future. It is our chance to position Wales at the forefront of upcoming industries, as well as re-purposing public sector services such as 21st Century healthcare systems.

Lloyd Powell, Head of ACCA Cymru Wales said:

At ACCA we are committed to developing our members’ and students’ digital capabilities, to be able to support their organisations and clients. It was inspiring to learn more about the fantastic opportunities and benefits for Wales, providing that we are ambitious and bold.