Since the world went into lockdown, one good thing came out of it: convenience. The two years locked behind walls were only made possible because of people’s little link to the outside world.
Now that we are back to reality, up and moving.

We have chosen the comfort to live our life. As technology takes over people and their lives, more and more things have come within grasp.

In all aspects of our life, technology has taken over, not just for us in third-world countries like India. People are now invested in using technologies, and AI has started to rule us.

Online shopping

Even though online shopping existed before the virus, It only picked up skyrocketing popularity during the lockdown. When more and more people reached out and started trusting businesses, the global online mall boomed with success. Whether people needed clothing or furniture, online shopping was the answer.

Businesses slowly adapted to the change and tweaked their policies in favor of online shoppers.

Fast forward to 2 years down the line, the online world has way more footfall than malls. People have lost interest in the human touch and find convenience in new ways.

The masses have a great advantage with no restriction on time or place. Technology like Alexa and Cortana keeps people timed into their specific lives with updates like when their package will appear. In fact, They have taken over so much that they have eradicated the need for common items like paper and pencil to do something so simple as groceries.


The world of entertainment has changed drastically in the past few years. Where it was moving slowly, the speed picked up when more and more users joined different platforms.

As a result, making things like entertainment into business, not just streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu came into the light but also other corresponding gadgets and tools. Some of which were Smart DNS and VPNs.
Tools like VPN helped sustain the connection to the world outside. Catering to immense traffic on sites unavailable in one region, people moved out to watching region-specific content. Where the border of the real world was close, with the help of a VPN, users bypassed the geo-limitation to enjoy content from Disney Plus or DStv in UK.

Keeping up on News from around the globe

The need to know, Curiosity has always been the standing reason behind innovation. With new technology taking over and the horror we have left behind, people need to be kept informed. Thus emerged Live TV, with newer and smarter features. Bringing in news from around the globe and instilling the idea of non-time-sensitive broadcasting.

The winning move was the convenience of having to avail of it anytime and anywhere. A large number of users opted for the services because of this very feature.


The possibility of games picking up popularity was very high, which is exactly what happened. Many gamers diverted to them as users were given a more interactive experience with games like pokemon and VR.

This absolutely changed how games were developed.

Whether 2D or 3D, animation games were becoming more tailored to users’ liking. Partnered with streaming platforms, multiple companies profited from the mass amount of subscribers.

Along with that, people made careers out of something like gaming and still have successful careers in place. A new Niche of job and new industry opened up. The comfort of working on what you live and from where you like made it a complete success.

Improved Technology

From drones to advances in HR technology, we saw many tech advances during lockdown – and the march forward continues in other areas, with more developments to self scan technology in shops.   We are even starting to see stores emerge where there are no cashiers, you walk in with your phone and are billed automatically for what you take.  The future promises to yield self-driving cars, drone deliveries and increased automation in industry and more.

The world is growing towards safe and easy lifestyles. More and more technology is emerging, promising further ease. This boom is not slowing down as they provide people with something that promises improved convenience and easier access.

We have yet to witness what’s to come, as what we see now is only the tip of the iceberg.

The future we once imagined as children is slowly starting to take shape.  UK roads could even see self-driving vehicles by 2025, with the UK Government promise to invest £100 million to ensure safety and create new jobs in the sector.

What is your take on the growing and rapidly changing fads of the technology world? Let us know in the comment section below.