Annual UK wide public transport conference to “stop” at Cardiff

The annual Association of Local Bus Company Managers (ALBUM) conference arrives in Cardiff today for 3 days of public transport related talks and networking opportunities.

ALBUM provides a forum to exchange best practice among its members and to influence policy, for the promotion of high-quality services that encourage more people to travel by bus.

The association has existed for over 30 years and was formed in October 1984 when deregulation of the bus industry was under political consideration and this year’s conference will take place at City Hall on May 7-9, 2019.

There are approaching 160 members representing the remaining municipal and independent bus operators in the UK and ALBUM provides a networking opportunity for bus managers, to share best practice and to respond to government consultations affecting the industry.

Every May, the ALBUM Conference provides an excellent opportunity for members and suppliers to come together and talk about the big issues of the day.

Attendees will hear directly from – and network with – bus manufacturers, policy makers and partners within the transport industry.

There will be a line-up of speakers, all highlighting the many ways that buses are a “force for good in society.”

Key topics will include ways to keep customers and employees at the centre of transport businesses – to make sure that “taking the bus is a front-of-mind option for travellers.”

There will also be a focus on connectivity and digital information for customers.

Cynthia Ogbonna, Managing Director of Cardiff Bus says:

“Buses are good for us. They’re great for the environment. They’re good for our health. And they’re the lifeblood of communities all over the UK – bringing people together and making sure services and social activities remain accessible for everyone.

“This is the theme of the Association of Local Bus Company Managers (ALBUM) annual conference.

“ALBUM’s mission is to get more people using the bus – and to do this it gets the brightest people in the industry together every year to share ideas and best practice.

“It’s also a fabulous opportunity to experience the Welsh capital. This will be a memorable experience from the land of song and music.”