Caerphilly is the area with the most energy-efficient housing in Wales, new study finds. Behind Caerphilly, Cardiff comes in second, followed by Torfaen, Wrexham and Vale of Glamorgan rounding out the TOP 5 in Wales. With average household energy bills costing close to £1,300 a year, having an energy efficient home isn’t just ‘green’ – it’s a priority for many households.

The TOP 5 areas in Wales all had an average energy efficiency score of 65.7 or above for their housing. The national average in Wales was 63.9, and the average in England and Wales 65.6. Housing energy efficiency in Caerphilly was measured at 67.4.

Notably, Caerphilly has a very high proportion of houses compared to flats – 91% of houses vs 9% flats. The study found that on average, existing houses are less energy efficient than flats. Regardless, Caerphilly claimed the top spot in Wales for ‘green’ housing. Cardiff, landing in second place in the study, was found to have a larger share of flats than Caerphilly, with 27% flats and 73% houses.

Overall in England and Wales, Caerphilly was in 20th place out of 339 local areas. Comparing regions, Wales was in the bottom half, ranking 8th out of the 10 regions in England and Wales. The regions with the most energy efficient housing were North West, North East and London, in the respective order.

Some areas in Wales did not score well in terms of energy efficient housing. Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd all scored under 60, with Gwynedd ranking last in all of England and Wales. Gwynedd’s energy efficiency score was just 65.6, which is 18.3% lower than the average in England and Wales.

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