BARC remind residents that help, support, advice and food is available at their new Bridgend Outreach Centre

Bridgend Animal Rescue Centre have now expanded their range of services with a new HQ and Community Outreach Centre in Bridgend.  The rescue’s shop will remain in Cornelly.

The new BARC Community Outreach Centre on Ewenny Road, Bridgend now provides a range of community and wellbeing services along their animal rescue and pet food bank services.

The Centre works alongside other local services and is happy to provide a first point of contact for anyone in need with the new services being run by qualified professionals.  Services include:

  • benefits advice,
  • befriending,
  • mental wellbeing and counselling support,
  • emergency food,
  • support for the homeless,
  • free skills training for anyone in the community
  • care packages,
  • CV and letter writing support,
  • resettlement help and
  • general practical and wellbeing support to anyone in the community.

The animal rescue and support services continue to operate, including the free pet foster service for anyone in hospital or needing to access shelter or temporary accommodation, and the pet food bank.

Rebecca Lloyds, Managing Director of BARC, which recently celebrated it’s three year anniversary said:

“I really want to stress that we are in the community and for the community, and are here to help.

“We recently encountered a homeless man whose only food source was eating out of bins, not only were we able to put him in contact with the food bank, but we were able to provide him with food immediately.  We will always help wherever we can and our service is completely free and confidential.  Please, if you see someone in need, let them know we are here.

“If anyone is in need, for any reason, they can call into the hub at 13 Ewenny Road, Bridgend Mon-Fri 9:30-4 and we will either help or help point you in the direction of further support.  We can provide care packages, tinned food and ready to eat food if you have no means of cooking. Please, if you or someone you know is hungry, just ask. No one ever needs to go without food. If you can’t get to us call us on 01656 451446.”