Beginner’s Guide to CBD: What Is the Best Way to Take CBD?

There’s no denying that CBD is the hottest wellness trend right now and it is widely available, being used in everything from skincare to supplements, indeed it seems to have come from ‘being kind of around’ to being everywhere, with many high street stores now stocking product ranges.

Even though it’s found its way into almost every aspect of wellness, there still seems to be a little confusion around CBD, figuring out how to use it properly and ensuring that the products you are buying are genuine. If you are starting with CBD and are wondering what the best way to take it is, you’ve come to the right place.


What is CBD?

CBD can be found in many forms.  You will undoubtedly have heard of CBD capsules and gummies. But what exactly is CBD? The National Library of Medicine defines CBD as a chemical component of flowers of the plant, Cannabis sativa, also known as hemp or marijuana.

It is found naturally and creates a sense of relaxation and serenity in items like oils and edibles. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active element in marijuana, CBD does not have psychoactive properties.


Full Spectrum VS Isolate

CBD is of two types: full-spectrum and isolate. Let’s see how they are different and if one is better than the other. CBD isolate is simply isolated CBD, which means all the other cannabinoids, including those that might be beneficial for you, are removed. Most products sold as CBD are CBD isolates. Even though it is the “pure” form of CBD, it is actually less effective.

On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD is not separated from other cannabinoids, so they contain other classes of cannabinoids that are good for you. Products containing full-spectrum CBD are explicitly labeled.

So if you were to know which is better, the answer is full-spectrum CBD. This is because the presence of other cannabinoids increases the absorption and bioavailability of the ingredient in the body, thus, making it more effective in lower doses.


Benefits of CBD

CBD has numerous health benefits, and more research is being carried out to further understand how the ingredient improves our health and lifestyle. Below are some ways in which CBD is beneficial.


  • Helps in pain management, such as chronic pain, arthritis pain, and nerve pain- CBD has been shown to relieve chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other illnesses. CBD affects how your body interprets and reacts to pain when you consume it. The endocannabinoid system regulates your emotions, immune system, motor control, and pain response in the body.
  • Relieves depression and anxiety by promoting calmness- CBD can alter the endocannabinoid system’s reaction to anxiety and depression, similar to how it affects how the body experiences and remembers the pain. CBD is thought to reduce anxiety by assisting the body in processing serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and hormone involved in mood regulation.
  • Reduces muscle spasms- If muscular spasms are happening as a side effect of your medicine, you may be able to reduce or replace it with CBD. CBD appears to help those with hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma. Before attempting to make this substitution, we recommend consulting with your doctor.
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients– Cancer patients frequently experience various unpleasant symptoms, including pain, sleeping problems, and depression, in addition to their sickness. To make things worse, nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy are common side effects of cancer treatment. CBD can be used to help manage these symptoms.
  • Improves sleep and helps manage insomnia- Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people suffer from sleeping problems. As mentioned earlier, CBD can relieve anxiety and hence, significantly improve sleep.
  • Helps treat psoriasis and acne- CBD can also be used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and acne because it is an anti-inflammatory.


Acne can be caused by excessive sebum oil production by irritated sebaceous glands of the skin, in addition to heredity and other causes. CBD has been shown to be incredibly effective at decreasing or inhibiting the formation of human sebocytes in studies.

On the other hand, Psoriasis is another skin ailment that causes redness, inflammation, and flaking of the skin due to a fast accumulation of skin cells. Early study suggests that CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities may help treat psoriasis, an autoimmune disease.


  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to nicotine or heroin- CBD is particularly beneficial for those in addiction recovery since it provides health benefits with no risk of addiction, unlike THC, which also has similar health benefits but is addictive. THC tends to increase susceptibility to other medications, leading to drug-seeking behaviour being more rewarding. On the other hand, CBD has the same health advantages as THC while also decreasing drug-seeking behavior, and lowering the likelihood of misuse and relapse.


Best Ways to Take CBD

You can take CBD in different ways, depending on your preference. There are different types of CBD products in the market. It is crucial to keep in mind that CBD can alter your medication. So before you opt for CBD, consult your doctor. Below are different ways in which CBD can be consumed.



If you’ve never tried CBD before, consuming it orally is a good place to start. You are probably already familiar with the use of capsules and pills. Also, it is pretty easy and convenient to keep track of how much you are having, as capsules come in pre-measured doses. So you can tell precisely how much CBD you are consuming by looking at the bottle’s label. In addition to this, pills or capsules have almost no taste, making them easier to consume.



Edibles are a convenient way to experiment with CBD. CBD foods such as gummies, truffles, and even mints are available and cover any “weedy” taste.

There are exceptions for edibles. The “first pass effect” occurs when CBD is consumed. It may take over an hour to get the effects, and only 20-30% of the ingredient is absorbed.


Sublingual CBD Products

If you want to skip additives, consider a sublingual product. Many edibles have preservatives and sugar, so try a sublingual product to avoid them. All you need to do is take the product and put it under your tongue. They include tinctures, sprays, oils, and lozenges, prepared by soaking cannabis flowers in oil or alcohol.


Smoking and Vaping

You can inhale CBD concentrates with any vape pen consisting of a concentrate chamber, or you can smoke a joint containing high-CBD cannabis flower, or even use a vaporizer with a CBD oil cartridge.

Because smoking and vaping allow CBD to enter your bloodstream directly, you’ll see results faster than in other ways. You’ll absorb 34-56% of the CBD in 10 minutes or less.


Topical Application

CBD topicals are meant to be applied to the skin directly. CBD-infused moisturizers, creams, balms, and transdermal patches are available. If you have eczema, acne, or psoriasis or are suffering from any skin issues, this is the best way to take CBD – even some mainstream beauty suppliers are now including CBD products in their ranges, it is said to reduce dryness, improve skin hydration and soothe skin.

Although studies on topicals haven’t provided a bioavailability estimate, we do know a few things:

  • Since you are not taking the product orally, it is not broken down by the first pass effect, and hence, it can show localized results.
  • Unlike your mouth, your skin is not very permeable. That implies you should choose a topical product with a high CBD content and apply it liberally.

Using a product with additional analgesics like menthol, camphor, and capsaicin could further boost the therapeutic potential.



CBD is becoming increasingly popular and used by many people for its various health benefits – there is no risk of ‘getting high’ and evidence is mounting on the benefits.

From pain management to relieving stress, even to moisturising stressed skin, CBD promises a wide range of health benefits. The good news is that as it’s popularity increases, a wider choice of ways to take it are available,  be it in pills, capsules, gummies, or smoking, and even topically!   However, as with any other healthcare product, make sure you start with small doses and consult a doctor if you are just beginning.