Buying Flowers: What You Should Consider and Why

It couldn’t be wrong to argue that flowers are the beginning of new life (fruits and seeds) and that they play a huge role in sustaining our green planet. Despite that, flowers are the epitome of love and beauty. They have been used for ages as a way to express gratitude and communicate emotions such as love, happiness, sympathy, and everything in-between.

No wonder they make excellent gifts on occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, gifting hospice care, and even funerals! But buying flowers can be an arduous task, especially because you have to get several aspects right to avoid miscommunicating with the recipient. If you’re headed to the market to purchase flowers, here are a few things to consider and why.

Consider fresh vs. preserved vs. artificial 

Artificial flowers can be an option when looking for decorative pieces that will last for ages. When buying a gift for a friend or a dear one for a special occasion, however, fresh flowers come highly recommended. Preserved flowers will do if you’re unsure of the date of the special occasion or when they’ll be delivered.

Tips when buying fresh flowers 

One of the best things about fresh flowers is the pleasant scent they possess. They also have that natural look that artificial or preserved flowers will never outcompete. They can last a significant while as long as they’re well maintained.

Moreover, it is easy to find Bouqs flowers on sale online these days, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your living room. The smooth and delicate petals will go a long way in making the recipient feel appreciated and special. Check the following to ensure you’re buying fresh flowers:

  • Petals: Free from brown/black spots, colorful, and smooth
  • Buds: Tighter buds, not fully blossomed
  • Leaves: Green and healthy-looking
  • Stems: Firm and sturdy

Consider type and color 

Not all flowers may suit any and every occasion. For instance, red roses are primarily great for Valentine’s Day gifts, whereas whites are commonly used as a symbol of sympathy. Peonies, anemones, and lilacs, on the other hand, can make great bridal flower bouquets. Choosing the right color allows you to match flowers with your décor, event theme, or intended message.

Again, flower bouquets aren’t the only variant you can get out there. You can also buy flowers planted in vases, planted bowls, off-the-wall flowers, hand-tied versions, and even single roses. It is best to opt for in-season flowers if you’re looking for the freshest nice-smelling petals. Again, your choice here will greatly depend on the reason, season, and preference.

Consider your source 

As might have been earlier hinted, florists are the most preferable option when it comes to sourcing flowers. However, there are a few other alternatives, including supermarkets, event companies, interior décor service providers, and even gas stations. Wherever you choose to source your flowers, it pays to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable provider. The wrong type, size, color, shape, or quality could put your purpose in jeopardy or ruin an entire event.

And there you basically have it. The reasons people buy flowers are literally more than this piece could accommodate. Thankfully, you know the key things to consider when heading to the flower shelves, and why they matter.


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