Jeannette Linfoot addressed Cardiff Business Club

Successful corporate CEO turned entrepreneur and podcaster Jeannette Linfoot addressed Cardiff Business Club at the Club’s latest event.

Jeannette began her career as a government economist before joining the travel industry and rising to senior executive roles with leading organisations such as First Choice, Saga, Thomas Cook and TUI.

In the interactive event at the Hilton Hotel on June 26, Jeannette shared the highs and lows of her career, how she transitioned from corporate roles to becoming an entrepreneur and the insights of her leading podcast ‘Brave, Bold, Brilliant’ which is in the top 1.5% of podcasts in the world.

Jeannette said: “I believe that success is down to your mindset. Brave, bold and brilliant is more than the name of my podcast. It has become my mantra; these values are of great importance to me and how I have approached business. By being brave and bold, you unlock your brilliance.

“To be brave is to believe in yourself and take a step outside of your comfort zone. You need to retrain your brain to say yes and then work out the how after. Don’t be afraid to fail; reframe the word failure and identify opportunities to learn, adapt and grow.

“Being bold is about being mindful of the impact and legacy you will leave. This often aligns with the value of brilliance which is about creating relationships and surrounding yourself with brilliant people and teams to work together to achieve success and have a positive impact.”

Jeannette also spoke about the impact of impostor syndrome on mindsets and her passion for mentoring and helping people take their businesses and careers to the next level.

Jeannette said: “I have definitely experienced impostor syndrome, from my first job as an economist and my first director role at First Choice, to taking the leap into property investment as an entrepreneur and creating a podcast. It’s important to acknowledge it and work on it.

“I have had some fantastic business mentors and coaches throughout my career who have helped my personal and professional development, and I enjoy being a mentor myself to help others unleash their potential. Having a mentor or coach is so beneficial, regardless of where you are on the career ladder.”

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