Selling a rental property with tenants in it is not impossible, but it can be complicated and time-consuming. It requires careful planning, as well as knowledge of landlord-tenant laws, regulations, and best practices.

If you own a rental property and are considering selling while there are still tenants living on the premises, we’ve teamed with We Buy Any Home to provide an overview of what to expect from such a process.

Check Your Local Laws and Regulations

The first step in selling a rental property with tenants is to check your local laws and regulations. Depending on the area, there may be specific rules and regulations about landlord-tenant relations that must be followed when it comes to selling such a property. Additionally, you will want to make sure you are aware of any tenant protection laws that may be in place.

Notice to Those Tenants

Once you have determined whether or not you can legally sell the property while still having tenants living there, the next step is to give notice to those tenants of your intent to sell. This notice should include information regarding any changes they may need to expect as well as a timeline for when they need to vacate the premises if desired by the buyer.

Repairs and Updates

When it comes to actually selling the property, you will need to factor in any costs associated with getting the property ready for sale. This can range from repairs and updates to staging the rental to get a better price. Additionally, you may need to offer incentives or other alternatives in order to entice potential buyers who are less inclined towards purchasing a house that already has tenants living in it.

When your rental is under contract and you are preparing for closing, there are a few key things that need to be done. You should make sure all of your tenant agreements are terminated prior to closing and collect any deposits owed. Also, if needed, provide assistance with relocation so that tenants have somewhere else to go when the property is sold.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Selling a Rental Property That Has Tenants in it?

Yes, there are risks associated with selling a rental property while the tenant is still living in it. It is important to remember that the new owner will be responsible for the tenancy agreement and any legal obligations related to it.

In some cases, where there are existing long-term leases or multiple tenants occupying a single rental unit, potential buyers could be scared off or put off due to the additional costs and responsibilities. Additionally, if a tenant decides to vacate their rental unit before it is sold then there could be a period of time when the property is vacant and no income is generated for the seller.

Ultimately, it is important to evaluate each individual situation and make sure that both parties feel comfortable with any changes made during the process.


Selling a rental property with tenants can be complicated and time-consuming, but with proper planning and research, it is possible and potentially quite profitable. Make sure you are aware of your local laws and regulations regarding landlord-tenant relations before beginning the process, as well as what incentives you may need to offer potential buyers.