Cardiff agency celebrates 20 years with a new brand, and ambitious £1m growth plans

From today (1 March 2023), well-known Cardiff-based branding, and design agency Bluegg will be named Toward. To celebrate the agency’s 20th anniversary, owners Mike Jordan and Tom Lloyd put their team’s expertise to good use to re-brand themselves and develop ambitious growth plans.

Mike said: “Having worked for over 300 clients including S.A Brains, Cardiff City Football Club, Bristol Zoo, TATA Steel, and Celtic Manor, it was time for us to take a step back ourselves and see what we wanted to be as an agency for the next 20 years. We’ve grown from the two graduates we once were, to a team of experts across design, branding, and campaign management. We’ve seen incredible success over the years across UK clients, but the one area we want to develop moving forward is that of our strategic consultancy offering. We’ve built up a reputation for stellar website design, but the high level of strategy that goes into those finished products is our significant point of difference. We have big plans, one of which is to hit £1m within the next five years. While we will always remain proudly Welsh, we want to embed ourselves within organisations across sectors and locations further afield who need long-term web and brand strategy support to achieve their business objectives.”

Tom said about the brand identity: “We spend our days talking to businesses about their brand, and we hear the same story often — the company has moved on and outgrown its identity and its origins. It’s time for change. Well, a while ago we were that company.

“We’ve changed. As people, as a team, and as a company. Bolder and more confident, with bigger goals and greater ambitions. The time has come to stop looking back, and start looking forward. Toward is our battle cry, a journey with direction, but without end. We look to push the boundaries, push our clients, and push ourselves in a new direction.”

Toward kicked off its new direction with a dedicated event held in London as part of Wales Week London on 28 February.

Mike said: “The Wales Week initiative has always been a great platform for us to reach new audiences and as founding partners we couldn’t think of a more suitable way of presenting our new vision and ambition to a London audience.

“One of our strengths has always been in speaking face to face to understand the business problems that design can solve, and this event explored those problems.”

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