Cardiff retailers will see shoppers spend less this Christmas season as 40% cut back this year

Christmas is set to look a little different for Cardiff’s retailers this year with over a third of Cardiff’s residents spending less this Christmas (40%). Only 13% plan on spending more and the rest will spend roughly the same. But, which areas will be hit the hardest?

As part of their alternative Christmas guide for this year, Joe Browns surveyed 1,000 UK adults using The Leadership Factor, to find out what a 2020 Christmas will look like and how it is different to previous years.

How much are we spending and on what?

Food, drink and decorations are the areas people are less likely to cut back on. Savings will come mainly from less being spent on socialising and parties as over half of the UK expect to save money here. Meaning a further blow to the hospitality industry. 62% plan to spend less on this in comparison to just under a third cutting back on food and drinks (28%) and decorations (30%). Which explains headlines around 33 million pints of beer potentially going to waste in the city.

The average person in Cardiff will spend… £524 on festivities at Christmas!

£27 on party outfits (38% say this is less than last year)
£43 on decorations/tree (30% say this is less than last year)
£41 on socialising or parties (62% say this is less than last year)
£137 on food and drink (28% say this is less than last year)
£209 on gifts (34% say this is less than last year)
£68 on “anything and everything else”

Which cities are spending the least?

Cardiff however, is not the worst city of festive spending cuts this year. The average person will be spending £524 on the Christmas period which is over £100 more than people in Edinburgh. Cardiff is 13th out of the 15 cities surveyed for decreased Christmas budgets. 40% will be spending less in comparison to 66% in Manchester and 64% in Leeds.

City – How much the average person will spend overall on Christmas

Edinburgh – £414
Nottingham – £465
Glasgow – £488
Sheffield – £498
Newcastle – £502
Cardiff – £524
Norwich – £553
Leeds – £560
Liverpool – £562
Belfast – £594
Birmingham – £664
Bristol – £670
Manchester – £708
Southampton – £716
London – £864

Which cities are cutting back the most?

City – What % are spending less overall this year?
Manchester – 66%
Leeds – 64%
Belfast – 63%
Glasgow – 57%
Edinburgh – 57%
Nottingham – 56%
Newcastle – 55%
Sheffield – 55%
Bristol – 50%
Birmingham – 45%
Southampton – 43%
Liverpool – 42%
Cardiff – 40%
London – 40%
Norwich – 31%

Tracey Hepton, Marketing Director at Joe Browns said,

“This year Christmas will look a little different but, at Joe Browns we believe you can still make the day special, even if it involves breaking and making some new traditions.
Whether it’s a smaller gathering, a homemade Christmas gift or getting creative with outfits. To help people make the most out of the day whatever the circumstances, we’ve put together a few quick and easy tips to help save money and make this year’s festivities uniquely amazing!”

Read more tips and advice on how to enjoy an alternative 2020 Christmas on the Joe Browns blog at