Cardiff shoppers to hit the high street for a more ethical Christmas as they champion greener festivities

A nationwide study has found that four in ten Cardiff residents are planning a more ethical Christmas this year, with a third planning to buy the ingredients for their Christmas lunch from local shops, 36% plan to use recycled wrapping paper, while 27% intend to buy the majority of their gifts on the high street to help the environment and local economy.

In fact, almost a quarter of those polled in Cardiff said they are more inclined to shop locally at Christmas, while the number of UK shoppers saying that they would venture to their local high street specifically to support their community this Christmas has increased by 43%* on last year.

The study, commissioned by Visa as part of its campaign to support independent retailers this Christmas, also revealed that alongside conscious spending, 2019 has shone a spotlight on sustainability more broadly. 84% of those based in Cardiff feel that 2019 has been a pivotal year for environmental issues, with the younger generation being most conscious of their impact. So much so, that an incredible 85% of 16-29-year-olds in the UK are striving to have a more sustainable festive season this year.

And it seems that money is no barrier when it comes to being greener this year as, despite 53% of Cardiff-based adults believing a more ethical Christmas will be more costly, locals are prepared to spend an additional £241 on average to ensure their Christmas is more sustainable. As well as money, locals are also taking the time to be more environmentally conscious, spending on average an extra 11 hours on their ethical efforts.

The study also revealed the ways in which Cardiff residents plan to be more sustainable this Christmas including:
1. Using recycled wrapping paper (36%)
2. Not buying anything in plastic packaging (36%)
3. Buying locally produced foods (33%)
4. Not sending Christmas cards (31%)
5. Buying the majority of gifts and food from the local high street (27%)
6. Minimising family travel plans (25%)
7. Hand-making Christmas decorations (19%)
8. Giving homemade gifts (18%)
9. Eating less meat (18%)
10. Not wrapping presents to reduce waste (17%)

As well as giving more sustainably, what they receive matters too, with 42% of Cardiff residents claiming they’d rather have one carefully chosen, locally bought gift than a mountain of plastic-wrapped generic items, and 28% saying they would be dismayed to receive an unsustainable gift this year.

Visa wants to put independent shopkeepers front and centre during the festive season, so it has launched a nationwide competition inviting shopkeepers to recreate the brand’s Christmas advert to show why ‘Where You Shop Matters’. The winning retailer will see their advert air during a prime-time advertising slot in the run-up to Christmas for millions to see.

Independent businesses in Cardiff have just four days left to submit their entries**. For more information visit