Couples are becoming more concerned about the ‘toxic traits’ of their partners, according to research by Safer Date, the world’s first dating app that requires ID and background checks for every sign-up.

Google search data for the last 12 months has shown that across all regions there has been an increase in searches around toxic traits, with Sunderland in the North East experiencing the highest searches per 100,000 people at 1,350 a month.

The data also suggests that the people of Cardiff have the healthiest relationships with the lowest searches across the UK per 100,000 people for toxic traits.

More people are looking out for these traits it appears, with searches for ‘early signs of a toxic relationship’ increasing 300%.

With online dating crimes continuing to rise, the demand for users to feel safe has increased, with searches for ‘safe dating app’ increasing by 320%.

Existing dating platforms have little to no protection features in place for their users, with no legal standard for the industry*. Safer Date was set up to address this problem and prevent known criminals from using dating sites to target their victims.

Elaine Parker, founder and CEO of Safer Date, said: “These results are frightening but not at all surprising. More and more people are becoming victims of online dating related crimes every day, and it’s shocking that more isn’t being done to tackle this within the industry.

“The online dating world has become a haven for emboldening fraudsters and criminals, including sex offenders, to manipulate anonymity for their personal gain. Users of well-known dating apps deserve much better protection in what is an unregulated and unethical industry, and I want Safer Date to pave the way to a safer way for people to meet online.”

Searches around ‘love bomb meaning’ have also increased by 3800%, and ‘love bombing red flag’ increased by 1600%.

Love bombing is defined as the action or practice of lavishing someone with attention or affection, especially to influence or manipulate them. It is something all daters should be wary of when getting to know someone new.

Safer Date aims to eradicate anonymity and fake profiles. The application is also the only dating app to carry out thorough global criminal background checks, insolvency checks, and addicts register checks on every applicant, regardless of gender. The app prioritises user protection, making it the safest online dating platform in the world.

The app is available on iOS and android with affordable pricing at £49.99/month and no hidden charges. Users can sign up via the following link: