Remembering to bring loose change to pay for your parking is no longer a burden, as visitors to the towns and villages of Carmarthenshire, who wish to park at any Council owned car park, can now pay for their parking via an app, website or telephone.

Carmarthenshire County Council has partnered with Chipside to offer drivers the simplicity of cashless parking across all of its fee-paying, off-street, car parks.

Paying by cash or card for your parking at a ticketing machine is still available, however, motorists now have a choice of paying through an app called MiPermit on their smartphone or device. The Mipermit app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and further information can be found on the MiPermit website.

Details of how to download the MiPermit app will also be available at all Council fee-paying car parks as will details of how to pay via a website or by phone.

Season tickets can also be purchased through the MiPermit app.

The new, cashless system launched on 19th October, and so far over 1500 sessions have already been booked.

There is no additional cost for paying through the MiPermitt app.

Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services, Cllr Edward Thomas said: “We are delighted to offer residents and visitors to our County with a safe, easy and simple option of cashless parking, which is in addition to the option of paying by card at a ticketing machine. Other Welsh councils have launched a similar initiative and we have seen how successful the implementation of the service has been for both councils and motorists.

“Paying for parking through the MiPermitt app offers flexibility to drivers and enables them to start and extend their parking sessions in a matter of seconds. This means there is no risk of handling cash and no need to worry about rushing back to cars to extend parking sessions if they want to stay longer than they had planned.

“This service is fully bilingual and the app also includes a maps feature, that allows drivers to locate parking areas before they leave for their destination and provides directions. There is also a nearest feature on the app which notifies drivers instantly with the closest parking location.”

The Mipermit app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store and more information is available at