Changes in the Instagram algorithm in 2023: How to keep up with them and stay popular?

We live in a fast-changing world, where it is important to keep up pace with the latest technologies in order to stay on top. This rule can be applied to any sphere of our modern lives, and Instagram is not an exception.

If you want your business to be visible online and your sales only increase, then you should play according to the rules of the IG algorithm. In this post, we will tell you about future changes in the algorithm game and give some advice on how to get more views to boost your online presence.

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Instagram algorithm in 2023: what’s new?

Understanding how the IG algorithm works requires lots of time and patience. Indeed, it’s a complex mathematical system that is extremely hard to predict. Still, it has some tendencies many social media experts notice that are changing from time to time. Let’s see what the next year may bring to your account.

It’s all about videos again

This year, videos are even more appreciated by the IG algorithm than ever before! The thing is that it calculated viewers tend to watch reels a couple of times more than photos, and this trend hasn’t changed this year. It can be explained by the growing popularity of video platforms, so Instagram cannot fall behind!

Social media experts predict that in 2023, the key to the success of a business on Instagram is posting many reels. Besides, Meta is trying to beat their biggest competitor, TikTok, that’s why reels are really the thing for this social media platform.

Instagram Stories are back!

Since 2017, Instagram stories are the favorite feature of millions over the world. They help businesses to increase their reach even without posting much to their feeds. Stories also serve as a sort of analytical tool to find out what your followers (even if they are not clients) think about your products or business as a whole.

The following year brings IG users a stimulus to post more Stories because their number and regularity of posting will influence the engagement in the best way possible.

Quality, not quantity

You have definitely noticed that sometimes your feed looks a bit messy: some old pics and videos, some new ones, some random photos of strangers, and so on…Instagram has an AI-powered algorithm that attempts to understand what users love most of all and offer them these pieces in a feed or explore section.

But in 2023, AI will only favor and promote content that is high-quality and generates maximum user engagement. It will also focus on original pieces, while repurposed ones won’t get recommended at all. So we can definitely say that this is a big year for content creators since what IG will appreciate the most is talent and quality content.  

…And justice for all

Rumor has it that next year, Instagram will favor business pages over influencers’ or ordinary ones. While it may be quite understandable, Meta has officially debunked those rumors. It is confirmed that the algorithm will rank each piece of content irrespective of the type of page it comes from.

2023 will be the year of complete equality in getting more followers, views, and likes – for small and huge businesses, celebrities, content creators, influencers, and people who just love sharing important moments of their lives.

How to keep up with the changes?

Knowing what changes on the app you have chosen for your business promotion is one thing. But knowing how to stay relevant is completely another. Each year, this social media is getting more and more demanding, and we have to comply with this fact. 

Our experts have compiled a list of things you should do in order to make this almighty algorithm notice your content and start promoting it.

Livestreams never get old

Even though this feature exists for more than 6 years, it still confuses many users and brand managers. However, avoiding this function is a common mistake we urge you not to make. If approached in the right way, streams can bring you not only thousands of live views but also generate engagement that is needed for the algorithm to notice you.

Run a stream 1-2 times a week, communicating with your viewers, answering their questions, and sharing some valuable insights. And of course, do not forget to use the live shopping streaming feature to boost not only views but also sales! 

Post more videos

If you are on Instagram for some time, you definitely know that for a couple of years, video content has been favored by Instagram more than other content types, such as photos and carousels. When you post a photo, and your rival posts a video, they will be promoted in the users’ feeds in the first place.  

In 2023, Instagram will have its own version of TikTok, so regularly posting videos is a must. If you don’t know what to tell your audience about your brand, tell everything! Here are some staggering content ideas for your next reel:

  • Post behind-the-scenes of your business. Maybe it’s some step of production, an interview with employees, or snippets from your corporate party – people really love down-to-earth brands with personal stories.
  • Be funny. A little bit of humor will entertain your existing loyal audience and attract the new ones because everyone loves to laugh! Look at TikTok trends, challenges, and hottest memes. Your viewers will appreciate your great sense of humor.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, you’ll never know until you try. Give your viewers something they have never seen before and won’t see on your rivals’ pages. Just be original and make sure your content is top-notch. 

Be creative with your Stories

The way the algorithm works with Stories has drawn many speculations. But in fact, everything is quite simple. Just like with a feed, IG is focused on what users love to watch. It analyzes who likes your profile and what content they like to see on stories and then promotes it to them.

So if you want more views, you need to generate a variety of content that will draw the attention of users from different demographics, tastes, and interests. And don’t forget to post your stories regularly to keep your engagement on the desired level.

Go an extra mile for your content

One more good news for businesses on IG – in 2023, users will see content from pages they don’t follow more often than before. It means that you will have one more chance to gain new followers, as well as more likes and views. However, posting lots of videos or photos won’t be enough anymore. In 2023, you should create something original and really great.

If you don’t have a content team yet, it’s time to build one! A band of talented creators will bring your business to a completely new level.

Final thoughts

Beating the Instagram algorithm is never easy, and the way it works is extremely hard to predict. But one thing we can be sure about – subsequent algorithm changes will make Instagram a real breeding ground for creators and marketers from over the world.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, explore new horizons, and have a team of talented content enthusiasts, and you’ll win this algorithm game!