Circular economy firm offers career path to veterans

EFT Consult, a Swansea-based company that specialises in cutting edge and innovative technologies in relation to the design and consultancy of the built environment, and the implementation of the principles of the circular economy, has partnered with The British Training Board to help 100 veterans and service leavers to gain skills and work opportunities beyond the Armed Forces.

The British Training Board helps former members of the Armed Forces embark on a new career outside of the military. EFT Consult has partnered with the company to assist in the delivery of a program that will see 100 ex-service personnel trained in the circular economy, facilities management and building services to help them enhance their skills and career prospects.

The program will deliver on the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, which is a Welsh Government initiative focussed on improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. In accordance with this initiative, the training provided by EFT Consult will subsequently offer companies a better working environment, help to reduce waste and improve organisational well-being, all while providing veterans with a fulfilling career and enhanced skills base.

The circular economy is an alternative to the current linear model of take, make, waste. It is designed to help organisations be more prudent with their use of resources – to reuse, recycle, regenerate, and care for the well-being of people, resources and the planet. EFT Consult launched the South West Wales branch of the Circular Economy Club last year, which is a not-for-profit international network of over 3,100 circular economy professionals and organisations from over 100 countries.

Chris Jenkins, director of EFT Consult, said:

“We are honoured to be supporting this great initiative in partnership with The British Training Board. Not only will this training be incredibly beneficial to those making the transition into civilian life or seeking a more fulfilling career after serving in the forces, but it will also improve those organisations that adopt these important principles. This is about creating a truly ethical, responsible and self-sustainable society while giving back to those who have served.

“We look forward to seeing veterans and the ex-forces community benefit from this global opportunity within the circular economy and facilities management sectors.”