Denbighshire Libraries have recently launched a device loan scheme which will enable library members across the County to borrow a tablet or Chromebook from their local library, just like they would borrow a book.

Many services have now moved online, from banking and shopping to universal credit and applying for a bus pass, and the library service want to help residents access the online world and experience the benefits of being connected.

Using a tablet, Chromebook or smartphone also opens up the digital library service to the user, allowing library members to download books, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines 24/7.

The devices will be supplied with internet access and online courses are available if people want to learn more about the devices and services they are using, to help build their digital skills.

The County Library Service is also part of the National Databank, which offers free sim cards and data to people who are living in data poverty.

People who have access to a smartphone but are struggling to pay for internet access should contact their local library for more information.

Councillor Emrys Wynne, Lead Member for Welsh Language, Culture & Heritage said:

“This new device loan service will help people to get online and not be left behind in the digital world. I am delighted to see yet another new initiative by our libraries to support our local communities and to make sure everyone is connected.”

For further information about the new device loan service please contact your local library.