This week, Health and Social Services Minister, Vaughan Gething, has announced plans to transform digital health and care in Wales.

The plans include creating the role of Chief Digital Officer for Health and Care and a new NHS Wales organisation to deliver national digital services, supported by £50 million new funding.

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Health and Care will define national standards for digital software and services, as part of moving to an open digital architecture, across all digital systems. The CDO will also advise Welsh Government on digital strategy, lead the digital profession, and be a champion for digital health and care in Wales.

NHS Wales Informatics Services will transition to a new standalone NHS Wales organisation, reflecting the importance of digital and data in modern health and care.

Dr Sandeep Bansal, CEO and founder of Wales-based Medic Creations (creators of Medic Bleep):

“The announcement from NHS Wales that £50 million will be invested into digital health advances and overseen by a new Chief Digital Officer and central body for digital health services, is hugely encouraging and another welcome commitment from NHS Wales to realise the potential of digital transformation in the NHS.”

“The development of the Welsh clinical Portal and modernisation of the mobile network infrastructure are testament to NHS Wales truly understanding of the importance of digital. In line with ‘A Healthier Wales’ initiative, I am confident that this investment in strategic priorities will act as a catalyst for change, pushing Wales to another level of digital transformation. I look forward to seeing how these additions will strengthen delivery, but I am confident that this will ultimately be hugely beneficial to the people of Wales – improving staff productivity, patient outcomes and financial efficiency.”

Medic Bleep is a secure and real-time communication solution, created by Medic Creations.

It enables doctors, nurses and the wider team to communicate and collaborate within and across healthcare organisations.

Peer-reviewed research found Medic Bleep can save nurses 21 minutes per shift and junior doctors 48 minutes per shift. These are time savings that can be given back to healthcare professionals to do what they do best – care for patients.