Direct holiday support for children receiving free school meals

Funding for pupils eligible for free school meals will be provided direct to parents or carers for the Christmas holidays.

BACS payments of £39 for each pupil will be paid to eligible families directly into parents’ bank accounts on Thursday, 22nd December.

Christmas holidays are for two full weeks, starting 26th December 2022 and returning to school on the 9th January 2023.

The Welsh Government has made available funding at the rate of £19.50 per week (£3.90 per day) per eligible learner to make free school meal provision available during school holidays up to and including Spring 2023 half term.

Cabinet member for Education and the Welsh Language, Cllr Guy Woodham, said: “This Christmas payment will help families in receipt of free school meals to ensure that their children are well fed over the school holidays and we are pleased to be able to offer some support for those struggling.”

This provision only applies to those learners that are eligible for free school meals using the current benefit criteria and does not extend to those pupils only accessing the Universal Primary Free School Meal (UPFSM) offer.

Children in full time nursey, reception, Year 1 or Year 2, automatically qualify for UPFSM but it is important if you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit to still apply for free school meals so that other funding can be accessed.

More information and application forms (also available from your child’s school) are available here