Site inductions are an important legal requirement for new workers joining a construction job. They present workers with the information they need to keep themselves and their fellow workers safe while they’re on shift – as well as other essential information on the job.

However, given how hectic and large-scale construction jobs can be, it is possible for some late starters (or any starters) to miss inductions – either intentionally or unintentionally. While this may not have much of an impact if all goes as planned, in the event of an accident or injury, this could result in significant troubles on the part of the construction company, resulting in awkward legal processes and costs.

Online inductions present a solution to this issue. They allow new workers to complete their induction well ahead of time, from the comfort of their own home, ensuring the induction is not missed in the hustle and bustle of their first working day.

How online inductions prevent workers from missing inductions

Managers are notified once an induction has been completed

While in-person inductions are the traditional way to give workers all the information they need before they begin, if there are many workers involved in a single induction session, it is possible for someone to slip through the cracks.

However, because online inductions are individualised and sent to specific people for them to complete on their own, there’s no risk of them becoming a needle in a haystack and being missed when it comes to completing their induction.

Plus, because managers can be notified immediately once a new worker completes their online induction – with a detailed breakdown of the documents, files or videos they’ve received – there’s zero chance of a worker being able to enter their new worksite without having completed their induction, resulting in a safer working environment for all.

In the event a worker does not complete their online induction, managers can simply revoke their access until they’ve completed the necessary tasks.

No excuses not to attend an induction

There’s every possibility that, for whatever reason, random occurrences can prevent the effective delivery of an in-person induction.

Someone’s car may break down, or the induction materials may not have arrived. Or someone may simply not show up. Either way, none of these excuses are acceptable given the essential nature of a construction site induction and the induction will need to take place at some point.

However, with online inductions, there isn’t much room for excuses. Online induction tasks can be completed by anyone with an internet connection, on almost any modern digital device – including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Given the majority of the population owns at least one of these devices and has access to an internet connection in our hyper-connected modern world, the vast majority will have no issue completing it at all.

With no viable excuse not to complete the induction, candidates will always be expected to do so before they’re able to set foot onto said construction site. Those who still opt not to complete the online induction are likely not suitable to work on-site and will need to be replaced with a more viable alternate worker who is willing to complete the necessaries before they begin.

The best of both worlds

While online site inductions take some of the legwork away from the induction process as a whole, they don’t eliminate the need for in-person inductions entirely.

In-person inductions on a smaller scale – alongside online inductions – are still wise as they not only give workers the chance to hear important information straight from the horse’s mouth but also to get to know some of their new colleagues before they start their first shift.

Online induction software also gives new starters and managers the chance to schedule shorter in-person inductions once the online induction has been completed – ensuring the candidate receives the most information possible in both forms. This can work especially well for candidates who remember more information when it is presented in a more formal teaching setting, as opposed to an online lecture.

By utilising both online inductions and shorter in-person inductions, companies can deliver all essential information a worker needs to know ahead of time and double-check they’re still familiar with said information when they arrive for their first day, boosting safety and cutting the risk of incidents.

Consider online inductions for your sites to save time, boost productivity and prevent missed inductions

Save mass amounts of time and admin work by having new starters complete online inductions before they begin their new role. In turn, your existing workforce will have more time to remain productive and keep the project on track.