Do you have WFH? Five reasons why a garden shed makes an excellent home office

Our work environment has undergone a significant change due to the COVID pandemic. People are relocating from offices and setting up their own workspaces, whether by choice or necessity. Many businesses have redeployed their staff to work from home as a result of recent restrictions, but doing professional work from home can be challenging. There are many distractions, including delegating responsibility for home school supervision and the never-ending list of chores. Many people who work from home have set up temporary offices in spare rooms and dining tables during the day. 

That’s where modern garden cabins come in. It is a fantastic design concept that creates insulated garden offices while also freeing up some valuable room in your home. Whether they are standard cabins for sale from a nearby store or made-to-measure cabins tailored to the buyer’s exact vision, all these options are becoming more popular. According to a recent YouGov poll in the United Kingdom, nearly 80% of business leaders and 70% of the general public agreed that people would likely never return to offices at the rate they did before the coronavirus. If you agree with this, scroll down as we discuss five reasons garden cabins make excellent home offices.


1. Easy Set-up

Garden cabins are much easier to build than traditional home extensions. Cabins are typically sold in pre-assembled sections to reduce construction time and make transportation easier. Not to mention that some modern cabin designs can be constructed without a concrete foundation and can be customised based on your requirements. Building permits may not be required, depending on the size of the cabin. Buildings that are small enough to fit in your backyard or even on a large plot of land can be registered as something other than dwelling units.


2. A perfect workplace

Garden cabin offices provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the office, as opposed to boxed-in cubicles or crowded open-space offices. The cabin’s peaceful, natural atmosphere and abundant natural light are ideal for maintaining physical and mental health. It’s never been simpler to get some fresh air when needed because your new office can be set up anywhere in your garden with the best view of your backyard. 


3. Ideal for meetings and phone calls

Having extra space when you need to invite team members to a meeting or group training is one of the biggest issues WFH workers face. Cubicles make great home offices and provide all the necessary amenities to handle your emails and important calls.

 In addition to being warm and cosy, cabins can be well-insulated, keeping you free from bothersome outside noise. 


4. Healthy balance between work and life

No morning rush hours, no hurried breakfasts, and a peaceful start and end to the day. Thanks to your garden office, you will have everything required for a calm workplace. You’ll maintain a healthy work-life balance enabling you to be more productive at work and still have spare time to do what you love. That is what garden office cabins can provide: a space close to home where you can work without distractions and to your fullest potential.  


5. No need to deal with traffic jams 

The morning and evening commute ceases to be an issue when your home office is on the same level as the pathway leading to your backyard. Instead, you can begin your day calmly, concentrating on the tasks at hand. Employees who no longer commute report improved moods, less stress, and an overall increase in happiness. Consider this an additional benefit of working from your garden office.


Rounding off

Although offices can also be used year-round, you have much more control as the cabin’s owner. Consider various options and consult with your local cabin supplier to ensure that the location you’ll spend a lot of time in meets your requirements.