Dogs Trust Cardiff desperately seeks more fosterers to provide love and care for vulnerable dogs

Dogs Trust Cardiff is issuing an urgent appeal to the public to consider fostering a dog in need. With the number of dogs in need of loving homes on the rise, the charity relies on the kindness and generosity of foster carers to provide temporary homes for some of its dogs while they wait to find their forever families.

Fostering a dog is a hugely rewarding experience, as it allows individuals or families to provide a loving home for a dog who may have had a difficult start in life. It also enables Dogs Trust Cardiff to free up space in its rehoming centre and will allow them to support more dogs to find their forever home.

With an increasing number of owners looking to hand over their dogs, Dogs Trust Cardiff is urging more people to become dog fosterers. Foster carers open their homes to dogs on a temporary basis until they are able to be matched to their forever families. All costs are covered by Dogs Trust, including food, bedding and vet treatment.

Among those who have found great fulfilment in fostering dogs is Jackie Yip.

Jackie has always loved dogs but found it difficult to commit to owning one while starting her career. That’s when she discovered the opportunity to become a fosterer with Dogs Trust Cardiff. Since July 2022, Jackie has fostered three dogs, each with their own unique personality and needs.

Dog Fosterer, Jackie Yip said:

“Although I chose to foster for my own enjoyment, at the heart of it, I love supporting the dogs that come to me and giving them a home whilst they find their perfect match.

“It’s been incredibly difficult to say goodbye to them when they do, but I have cherished the moments that I get to take care of them and get them back on their feet. Seeing them come out of their shell when they’re with you is the best feeling in the world, and I am so glad that I get to play such a special part in their lives for a little while.”

Jackie’s story is not unique, as many others have found immense joy and fulfilment through fostering dogs. The benefits are not just limited to the dogs, but also extend to the fosterers, who gain companionship, a sense of purpose, and the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

Charlotte Spencer, the Home from Home Coordinator at Dogs Trust Cardiff, commented:

“I emphasize the importance of fosterers like Jackie in providing temporary homes for dogs in our care. With the rising cost of living, we need more fosterers now more than ever before.

“Not only does fostering free up more kennel space so we can help more dogs than ever before, it also helps us to identify what each dog needs from its future forever home. Fostering also gives some of our dogs who need a break from kennel life, such as older dogs and those recovering from veterinary treatment, the chance to receive some extra TLC so in a home setting.”

Dogs Trust Cardiff is encouraging more people to consider fostering a dog and making a positive difference in the lives of dogs like Dobby, Jackie’s current foster dog.

If you are interested in becoming a Dogs Trust foster carer, please visit or contact the fostering team on 0303 003 0000.