• Experts at Zuto Car Finance have pulled together their top tips on how to stay safe whilst driving in different bad weather conditions
  • Searches for ‘how to avoid wheelspin on icy roads’ have increased by a huge 2000% since last winter
  • Latest data shows that even a slight accident can cost up to £24,960 in damages

It’s no surprise that freezing temperatures, slippery surfaces, and blinding winter sun can make for dangerous driving in winter. In fact, 20% of accidents occur on wet and icy roads.

When driving during the colder months, even the most minor issues can be amplified and can cause serious issues, with slight incidents causing up to £24,960 of damages per accident.

To help prevent these common issues for physical and financial safety, Zuto Car Finance has revealed top tips you should follow to prepare your car for each type of winter weather, to help minimise potential risks and increase safety.

Heavy rain

Google searches for ‘tips for driving in the rain’ has increased by +150% in the last 12 months

  • Watch your speed and distance with other vehicles: don’t forget, your braking distance will be twice as long in rainy weather.
  • Be careful of the spray on the road: Make sure your wipers are in a good condition to deal with this.
  • Dipped headlights are safer to use: Using dipped headlights, even in the daytime, will make sure that your car is visible, even in the worst of rain. Don’t forget to put your fog lamps on only when visibility is below 100m. Be cautious when using fog lamps on dark winter mornings, as it can dazzle other drivers. If you can see the rear lights of another car in front of you, it’s best not to use your fog lights.
  • Watch out for surface water:  Make sure to always take care when driving on wet roads and adjust your speed accordingly. Speeding on the roads can cause your car to lose grip, also known as aquaplaning. If this happens, don’t brake, simply ease off the accelerator and keep your hands on the steering wheel until your speed naturally decreases or you clear the water. Avoid driving through deep water as this may cause damage to your car.

Snow and ice

Google searches for ‘how to avoid wheelspin on icy roads’ has increased by +2000% in the last 12 months

  • Accelerate gently to avoid your wheels spinning: When pulling away from a stationary start, be sure to put your car in second gear and rev gently to get create motion.
  • Monitor your speed and distance: Like driving in the rain, stopping distances will be significantly more in snowy conditions (up to ten times greater), so consider slowing down.
  • Watch out for glare: Keep your windscreen clean and wear sunglasses as low winter sun and snow can massively reduce your visibility.
  • Beware of skidding: Do not hit the brakes if you feel the car starting to skid. Instead, take your foot off the accelerator and allow the car to slow before you gain control again. If you find your car starting to spin, steer into it and straighten up again whilst softly pumping the brakes.

High sunshine

Google searches for ‘driving in the sun’ has increased by +100% in the last 12 months

  • Invest in a pair of protective sunglasses: Keeping a good pair of sunglasses in your car will protect your eyes from UV rays and drastically reduce the sunrays which can obstruct your vision.
  • Leave a greater distance between you and the car in front of you: Bright light reduces your reaction time so leaving extra room will make sure you’re covered.
  • Tint your vehicle’s window’s: Some specialist garages can tint your windows by placing a film on your windscreen, which can help block sunrays.

Strong wind

Google searches for ‘windy weather’ has increased by +22% in the last 12 months

  • Keep your speed down: Reducing your speed is important to ensure that strong wind doesn’t cause disruption, to help stay alert and attentive on the road.
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly: Gusts of winds can come and go so it’s important to have a firm grip on the wheel.

Commenting on the bad weather safety tips, Lucy Sherliker, Head of Customer at Zuto says: “Although driving in adverse weather conditions can be daunting, we’ve put together these top tips to make sure you feel at ease and are able to keep moving.”


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