St Joseph’s Hospital to offer 500 more surgeries a month 

The Day Surgery Unit at St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport has opened to patients, allowing 500 more procedures a month to take place. The state-of-the-art Unit was developed following a £3m investment. The hospital’s focus on advancements in anaesthesia and surgical techniques means that all procedures will not require an overnight stay.  

First patients through the doors included Maria Lava, who was having carpal tunnel surgery and Clifford Beckett (pictured above), who was having bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery. Operations offered at the Unit include cataract surgery, hernia repair, removal of skin lumps, gall bladder removal and knee arthroscopy. The Unit is purpose-built for complex same-day elective surgery, as well as straightforward procedures. Patients are also offered private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms as standard. 

 With an emphasis on quicker recovery and safety, St Joseph’s has invested in the latest technology to ensure an effective and safe environment. Last year the hospital also installed a state-of-the-art MRI scanner in a £1.3m project, which provides the clearest images achievable; crucial to accurate diagnosis and therefore quicker recoveries.  

 The Unit opens following recent announcement that more than half a million people in Wales are currently waiting for treatment, in the wake of disruption from the pandemic.

 The Day Surgery Unit has been officially opened by Bob Andrews, the CEO of Benenden Health. Part of the Benenden Health Network, St Joseph’s was established 75 years ago and is located in Newport and visited by patients from across Wales and the South West of England. An additional 63 staff have recently joined the St Joseph’s team, including 23 theatre roles, following a major recruitment drive at the end of 2020. 

 Bob Andrews, Chief Executive Officer at Benenden Health, comments: “We’re on a mission to improve the nation’s health. As one of Benenden Health’s partner hospitals, I’m delighted to open St Joseph’s new, state-of-the-art Day Surgery Unit in South Wales. The expansion of the hospital and ongoing investment in its facilities allows Benenden Health to continue to provide the very best care available, aiding quicker recovery for our members. At the forefront of diagnostics in the UK, we’re delighted that St Joseph’s Hospital is available for our members in Wales and the South West, and beyond.”  

 Andrew Rogers, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, comments: “The whole team is incredibly proud of the new Day Surgery Unit, which has been redeveloped to offer the latest technology across every surgical speciality. A combination of new surgical techniques and advances in anaesthesia has led to a shift to day case surgery for many common procedures with this in mind the unit has been designed to allow greater flexibility in the patients journey to minimise stress, anxiety and facilitate a faster recovery. Patients will be back home the same day and usually be able to get back to their daily life quicker.” 

 Stuart Hammond, CEO of St Joseph’s Hospital, adds: “This is a special day for St Joseph’s and comes at the right time for people in Wales and the South West. As well as offering state-of-the-art facilities, its an important move to free up our clinics for other procedures, focusing on getting people treated more quickly. We’ve also welcomed a wealth of talented staff to the team with over 60 new staff members since December, all focussed on delivering exceptional care in a safe environment.”  

 Clifford Beckett, one of the first patients to receive treatment at the new Day Surgery Unit, underwent bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Andrew Rogers. He comments: “I wasn’t anxious before coming in for surgery as I had confidence in the hospital, and I knew that I was having a local anaesthetic. I wasn’t sedated during surgery and was amazed that I didn’t feel a thing. My arm was shrouded so I didn’t know that the surgery was happening. Everyone has been so helpful and kind – that in itself gives you the confidence that you can trust those looking after you.” 

 The Day Surgery Unit is part of the continued multi-million-pound investment in St Joseph’s. In March, Wales’ most-capped female footballer, Jess Fishlock MBE opened the newly refurbished Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. A completely Covid-free environment, the hospital offers over 300 treatments across 40 different specialities from cardiology to ophthalmology and orthopaedic to general surgery. Its Centre of Advanced Diagnostics is widely recognised as the most advanced in any independent hospital in South Wales.