For many, especially those living in areas that do not experience winter or snow, FIS World Snow Day may not be familiar. It is a day that many in the snowy regions look forward to, as it provides great joy. For some, they spend the day with the family engaging in snow-related activities while also placing bets in various Alpine skiing activities organized on World Snow Day. Learn more about the day here.


The FIS World Snow Day 2022 was marked on 16th January. Some would be asking what FIS World Snow Day is and what its significance is. In this article, we will be looking at the FIS World Snow Day, touching a bit on its history and what to do on a snow day as well as how to celebrate the day.

For those who are hearing about it for the first time, World Snow Day is marked annually every third Sunday in January. The day was created by the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) in English -International Ski Federation. This organization is the governing body for activities such as skiing and snowboarding and has been in operation since 1924.

The organization also sets the international tournament rules and currently has a membership of close to 120 national ski associations. FIS organizes several events where elite competitive skiers participate. These events include the World Cup, World Championship, and Olympics among others. Kate Richardson, an online sports betting expert at recommends to those who would like to place bets on these and more hockey to check on hockey betting online. She observes that hockey offers a great experience just like other markets.

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History and purpose of the day

World Snow Day was mainly created to allow more children to participate in snow-related games. FIS intended to increase children’s participation in skiing, snowboarding, and other snow-related sports. It also wanted to bring their families together and enjoy snow games. Since then, the participation of children and their families has increased. Also, different countries have taken advantage of the snow in their regions to organize winter activities to give people a chance to experience snow.

World Snow day is envisioned around a big worldwide snow festival that people around the globe celebrate over the same weekend. The first such event was held in January 2012 as a second phase of the FSI campaign dubbed “bring children to the snow” which started in 2007. The idea here was to bring the world together and enjoy the wonders of snow and its related activities. For those looking at what to do on a snow day, the day has several activities lined up.

Adults and children alike enjoy the day as that was the original purpose. People from different countries have learned how to make a snow day happen including those who live in regions that do not snow. For those who live in the regions that experience winter, this is a day they look forward to, they are constantly looking for information on what day will it snow in their areas.


How to celebrate the day

For those who are looking for what to do on a snow day and how to make a snow day happen here are some ideas:

  • If you live in regions that experience snow, head for the slopes or find the nearest snowy area and enjoy a great winter getaway with your family
  • If you are not lucky to be in a snowy region make your snow day. Using some DIY techniques imagine snow and create great memories on this day. Some of the ideas that will make the snow day happen are snow-themed treats such as snow cones, ice desserts, backyard skateboarding or skiing, or watching the Winter Olympics or snow sports documentaries.
  • We have several snow sports that partner with certain causes, for instance, there is skiing to bring awareness to a certain cause. This may be a good opportunity to engage in one of these activities in your community. Attend an event where funds are being raised for a cause or join a network that is engaged in such activities, with such you will have spent your day doing something meaningful.
  • For those who love betting, you can create your own experience on a snow day. Participate in skiing or skateboarding activities and wager for your favorite player, you can even bet on yourself winning the race. Apart from that, participate in betting on various Alpine skiing activities that will be organized on the day.


Whatever you do on World Snow Day 2022, make sure it makes a difference for you, the family, and the community at large. The main purpose behind the creation of this day is to increase participation in snow-related activities and also bring families together to have fun. Through attending snow-related activities, spending quality time with your family at home with snow-themed activities, or partnering for a cause, you are making a difference in your life, family, and also the community at large.

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