Flintshire Coastal Rangers, Nichols plc’s corporate volunteers and Flint Town Council teamed up last week to give the woodlands, footpaths and Wales Coast path by Flint Castle an autumn tidy.

Dead and dangerous trees were cleared and replaced with hazel, yew and sweet chestnut saplings and views across the estuary were opened up as scrub dogwood was pruned down to make sure everyone could enjoy the spectacular views around Flint Castle.

Three red oaks were added to the woodlands diversity to commemorate the day which was a great success despite the yellow weather warnings. Sponsored by Flint town council, the Coastal Rangers provided tools equipment, shelter and trees while Vimto brought in 17 volunteers giving over 85 hours of work the equivalent of nearly 12 days of Ranger time.

A fish and chip lunch was had by all provided by the local chip shop.  There was also a birthday cake was washed down by unlimited Vimto, powering everyone up for a busy afternoon creating wildlife habitats piles and dead hedging for winter cover for fungi, mammals and invertebrates.

Flintshire’s Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Welsh Language, Culture and Leisure, Councillor Ian Roberts, said:

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the volunteer day which has had a positive impact on the environment in Flint. I was glad to hear that people had a good time, despite the weather.  Shelter was provided by the trees and woodlands of Flint foreshore and the cover offered by Flint Castle’s walls, with hot drinks all round and the wonderful crew from Vimto’s marketing team made the day productive and fun.”

Marketing Director, Emma Hunt, praised the Coastal Rangers for the day and said:

“At Nichols we are all encouraged to take part in our Day To Make A Difference initiative, making a real difference to local communities. Flint has such a wonderful foreshore and we were pleased to do our bit for the wildlife, people and community of Flint and those using The Wales Coast Path.”

Flintshire Councillor and Mayor of Flint, Michelle Perfect, said:

”Amazing, a great result in some rather poor weather. The woodland and its wildlife will clearly benefit from so much work. I would like to thank the Coastal Rangers and The Vimto team for coming out and keeping going even after the Fish and chips and cake!”

Any corporate groups wanting a team day should contact The Rangers on 07711438127 or countryside@flintshire.gov.uk