In the UK, we are particularly fond of our garden spaces. Having our own private outdoor sanctuary is a gift of sorts, and a supremely enjoyable hobby in which a great many households indulge each year. According to recent statistics, the UK spends over £18 billion on gardening each year!

There is a landscaping renovation that has been particularly popular in UK gardens for some time, in the form of the humble patio. Patios are essentially paved-off areas of your garden, where paving stones and decking form a solid area on which to place garden furniture. They are easy spaces to look after, and allow you to enjoy your garden without getting in the middle of it. But what are the essential reasons to get a patio?

Extra Space

The single biggest reason for you to consider having a patio installed in your garden relates to the sheer space it can afford you. Your garden may be beautiful as it is, but you might find much of it relatively off-limits – especially if you haven’t mowed your grass, and even more especially if it has rained.

Installing a patio means you gain some ground back, which you can comfortably use all year round for a wide variety of purposes. In the summer, and coupled with some comfortable outdoor furniture, it can be an extension of your living space. You could even entertain guests well, without running the risk of grassy or wet clothes, or running dirt into your home.

Summer Cooking

In the summer, your patio can also become an extension of your kitchen. By adding a chiminea or pizza oven, you can easily make staple dishes al fresco and cut down on your kitchen cleaning. You could also break out the barbecue on particularly warm days, giving you more excuses to bring your friends and family round to hang out.

Creative Zone

A patio is not just a space for entertaining, though. It can also be a place of profound relaxation, and even inspiration. With a clean, clear space to set up in, you can practice your creative endeavours or hobbies with ease. If the mood strikes to paint your garden scene, setting up an easel is quick and easy.

This is not to mention the creative opportunities presented by the patio itself. Beyond engaging with your trees, hedges and flowerbeds, your patio is its own blank canvas for decoration. Plant pots, statuettes and furniture all come together to let you create your ideal garden environment.

Low Maintenance

Lastly, patios are remarkably low-maintenance spaces. Where lawns require regular mowing to remain tidy, and even more frequent mowing to grow strong and lush, patios require little more than the occasional pressure wash. Hedges and treelines are difficult to tame, but your patio asks very little of you – and looks brilliant in the process.