Gender Pay Gap Report reveals Cardiff Airport is ahead of the curve

The first Gender Pay Gap report published has revealed positive findings in the difference between the average pay for men and women working at Cardiff Airport.

Last year was the first time all companies of 250 employees or more in the UK were required to publish their gender pay gap data. As such, with 2018 being the first year Cardiff Airport has exceeded 250 directly employed members of staff, this was the first report published.

It reveals that:

  • 64% of our employees are male and 36% are female, which – according to ONS data –  is much more balanced than the Transportation and Storage industry average of 80% male and 20% female


  • Cardiff Airport’s Mean Gender Pay Gap of 2% is significantly less than the Aviation Sector average which stands at 34%*


  • Cardiff Airport’s Mean Gender Pay Gap of 2% also differs greatly to the UK average of 17%; Wales’ average of 12% and the Industry (Transportation and Storage) average 3%*


  • Companies in the same sector who filed Gender Pay Gap reports last year had an average pay gap of 29%**.

Deb Barber, CEO of Cardiff Airport, said:

“I am hugely encouraged by the findings of our first published Gender Pay Gap Report which reflects a small gap of 2%. We are committed to equality and diversity across genders and all other protected characteristics, believing that equality of opportunity is both necessary and achievable for us as a business.

“We want to make sure that progression and opportunity are awarded to those demonstrating talent, irrespective of gender.

“Nevertheless, we remain focused on closing the gap further and eventually reducing the gap to 0% and will continue to aim for 50:50 gender representation in all roles wherever possible.”

In addition to the findings in this report, Cardiff Airport brought forward its commitment to ensuring no employee is paid less than the Real Living Wage, which was planned to come into effect in April 2020 but came into effect last week, on April 1st 2019.

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