The Glamorgan Brewing Company has hit the ground running in 2024 with their latest creation, the Dead Canary IPA.

The new modern Welsh Indian Pale Ale will hit Tesco shelves in Wales from 29 January and will remain exclusively in Tesco for 12 weeks.

The beverage will be packaged in a colourful 500ml bottle and will be 4.5% alcohol.

Brewed to honour the country’s coal miners and the canaries who made the ultimate sacrifice, the IPA has been described as a well-hopped IPA with a properly refreshing bitter finish.

The bottle will not only be filled with a refreshing IPA, it will also come with a rich history as it sports the iconic Dead Canary emblem, an allusion to caged canaries that miners would carry down into the mine tunnels with them.

Until the 1980s, before the use of modern technology, if the levels of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide were too high in the mines, the gases would kill the canaries before killing the miners, alerting them to exit the tunnels immediately.

Glamorgan Brewing Managing Director, Richard Anstee said: “We understand the importance of history and tradition and we instil this into every beverage we brew. We hope that our limited-edition Dead Canary IPA brings a bit of Glamorgan with every drink.

“With this new IPA, we commemorate the miners who have kept this country running and the canaries that kept them safe.”

The Dead Canary IPA listing is the latest launch from the Welsh brewing company, Glamorgan Brewing.

For 30 years, Glamorgan Brewing has produced and supplied the country with refreshing beverages inspired by the local history, the national larder and more. They always remained a family-owned, independent business.

Tesco Wales buyer Nathan Edwards expressed his excitement about the new launch and is certain that it will go down well with shoppers.

“Glamorgan Brewing is a perfect example of unequivocal Welsh pride. Every beer has a story behind it.

“Whether it is the history of the people – such as the Dead Canary IPA – that is the inspiration or if it is as simple as recreating the beers they drank growing up, the company has always made sure that every drink has that Welsh accent.

“I am proud that we have landed the exclusive launch of the Dead Canary IPA, and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with this company that is so rich in history.”

Dead Canary IPA is the latest new Welsh product to be launched by Tesco in Wales, with the supermarket’s Welsh-based buying team planning further product launches this year to further expand its industry-leading range of Welsh products in stores.