Guide to designing a modern kitchen – opt for a sleek kitchen cabinet

How often have you asked yourself how to transform your traditional kitchen into a modern space? If you ask yourself the question more than once a week, you should probably start looking for answers because you’re obviously not happy with your current room. 

The answer to the question of how to create a modern cooking space is to consider the room elements and understand how they mix and match with the overall house look. Upgrading your kitchen’s look starts with inspiration, but like any other room of the house, when you design it in a modern style, you need to ensure it includes adequate storage space, fits all necessary tools and equipment, and sufficient countertops. A modern kitchen provides a practical layout that makes preparing meals easy and accommodates all family members. 

The motto in designing a modern space is that form should follow function. Therefore, every item brought into the kitchen should serve a purpose and optimise the space’s style and function. Modern spaces are minimalistic and sleek in nature, with open areas, straight lines, and clean forms. 

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What is a modern style kitchen?

A modern kitchen is an interactive room where you gather with your family and friends to eat and socialise. It usually includes an eat-in or open-plan space that connects the cooking area with the living room. The present modern kitchens are reminiscences of the mid-century modern style that featured streamlined surfaces and clean lines. However, they promote a warmer aesthetic and include sustainable pieces and natural elements. All elements have a designed space, and there’s no room for clutter. Sleekness, function, and spaces with a welcoming look are characteristic of modern kitchens. 

  • Your modern kitchen should evoke an image of a simple and sophisticated design. 
  • Your kitchen cabinets should include no hardware.
  • Only unique looking appliances are displayed on countertops. 

By upgrading your kitchen, you transform it into a minimalist, crips, and clean space that includes natural wood accents and promotes comfort. 

What is the difference between a modern and contemporary kitchen?

As mentioned before, modern design is inspired by the mid-1900s, when people promoted a clutter-free and streamlined approach. Today’s modern design includes geometric elements and flat cabinets with no heavy features. A modern kitchen design incorporates tiles, curves, and bold angles and works perfectly for busy individuals. 

The contemporary design, on the other hand, implies a more fluid approach. This style is about what’s in trend at the moment. If you design your kitchen in a contemporary style, you need to use technologically advanced elements, enhance functionality, and ensure all elements are eco-friendly. 

If you prefer a modern design, here are some tips on transforming your kitchen. 

Colour break your cabinets

If you have a look on Pinterest, you’ll notice that most modern kitchens have clean-lined furniture that compliments the rest of the design. But if you don’t find this much uniformity appealing, or it doesn’t match the rest of the house, you can add a pop of colour to the kitchen by purchasing colour blocking furniture and drawers. Interior designers predict that contrasting and bold hues will be a top choice for homeowners over the following months. 

To make the space look livelier and brighter, paint half the cabinetry in the shade similar to the countertop and the other half in a contrasting hue. Another option is to pick a bold colour for the furniture and keep one kitchen cabinet in a nude shade to create an interesting effect. 

Choose a sleek monochrome palette

Like any other choice, while you would love to transform your kitchen in a certain way, and purchase the latest equipment, time and budget constraints don’t allow you to do it. You may also not want to handle the renovation dust associated with the mess upgrading a kitchen implies. In this case, you should opt for a monochrome colour palette that transforms the heart of the house into a timeless and modern space. Painting the walls in a white or a nude tone and installing dark cabinetry can change the room’s look and give it the modern touch you’re looking for. 

Install lighting for function

If you want to transform the kitchen into a welcoming place where you love to spend time cooking and connecting with your loved ones, bring as much natural light as possible before installing any fixtures. Rectangle and square windows are the best choices for the modern style that promotes geometric lines. Once you do this, ask an electrician how you can install lighting for functional purposes. They may suggest using a pendant light if you have a kitchen island or task lighting under the cabinets to make cooking easier. 

Hanging a statement piece is the simplest way to add personality to a room, so consider this option. Using a gold or copper finish in a room with a white or black finish can make the fixture pop out and capture attention. You can create a minimalistic kitchen and install a statement piece to add some personality to the room. 

Keep countertops clear

The idea of a modern kitchen is simple; you need to keep the space clean and clear. Therefore, try to add as few items as possible on the countertops and store everything in drawers and shelves. Marble and quartz are the most common choices for a modern kitchen, so you may want to pick one of them for the countertops. It’s best to keep the countertops in neutral hues to enhance the lines and shapes in the kitchen. If you pick bold shades or over vainly patterns, you’ll distract the attention from the light fixture or ruin the modern design. However, suppose you’re looking for dramatic modern contrast, you can use black quartz for the countertops. It will definitely pop out among nude-coloured cabinets. 

At the end of the day, a modern kitchen is functional 

You can select from countless ideas to transform your kitchen into a modern space. The above recommendations can help you in the process, but they shouldn’t restrict your choices.