Here Is A Detailed, Helpful Bitcoin Tutorial For Newbie Investors

Whenever you are chatting with your friends or professional colleagues, you will hear many of them investing in Bitcoins. And that will always motivate you to do the same. But do you know whether your investment has a chance of yielding a good profit margin? There are many important points which you should be well aware of. Read on to know more. If you are into Bitcoin trading, you might consider knowing what Impression has Bitcoin in the Fashion Industry.


Bitcoin Investment- A Challenging Field

One of the most challenging factors affecting cryptocurrency investors is the tendency to do what the others are doing. Digital currencies have very quickly occupied a prominent position in the portfolios of several institutional and retail investors. So, you have to use your logical sense to be cautious about two things:


  1. Volatile nature of the crypto market
  2. The unpredictability of the digital assets

If you have decided to invest a considerable sum in crypto trading, it is better to know about the factors that can influence your trading decisions.



Factor #1: Identifying the right cryptocurrencies

Just because you saw Bitcoins reaching all-time high prices during the last year does not mean that Bitcoin is the right digital asset to invest in. Have you seen the recent crash in the price? It shows that BTC is not a dependable currency to invest in if you want to make a quick profit.

Ethereum is also going down in the price graph, thus giving no hope to the investors immediately. But take a look at Terra (LUNA) or Loopring (LRC) which are still gaining even as the crypto market is crashing. It is not a good idea to invest in a cryptocurrency that has reached its peak. Instead, you can invest in the currencies that are slowly gathering the pace and moving up in the price chart graph. Always remember that you can earn a profit when you have further space to allow the surge of your buying price.


Factor #2: Do your homework

An investor will always incur a loss if the person fails to do the homework. If you plan to buy a particular asset like Bitcoin, you need to monitor a few factors regularly:

  • What is the all-time highest mark?
  • What is the present volume of trading? Is it increasing or decreasing?
  • For how many months, does the currency have a low-price range?
  • Has it happened before? If not, then can it be a new trend?


Factor #3: Read the white papers

Word of mouth is not dependable in the world of digital assets. The specifications of the digital currency itself are the only dependable information. So when you consider investing in an application like Bitcoin Erayou must take time to find out the white paper of the project. Every cryptocurrency project has a white paper which is accessible.

  • The white paper informs you about the intention of the developers while creating the project.
  • In case of the absence of data-specific details, you should ideally avoid crypto.

Thus, the knowledge will help you to grow your wallet instead of incurring a loss.


Factor #4: Select the right timing

If you have done diligent research, you will perceive that timing is a critical factor to ensure maximum ROI. If you follow a certain currency, you may see a pattern in the rise and fall of the price. For instance, some cryptos show a spike in the price at a certain time, maybe because of more trading from a certain part of the globe. If you follow the pattern, you can buy or sell at the right time to maximize the profit share.


Final Words

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, every crypto trader should note that there is nothing as “being sure” about doing correct predictions. The market is always volatile. But certain trends can imply the upcoming crash. For instance, when the prices of BTC touched an all-time high, it immediately rang the alarm bell that a crash was imminent. It is the trend of the crypto market to automatically re-establishing the standard market after a spike and a crash. So, invest now, if you want to boost real profits in the upcoming months.


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