Home fitness on the rise in Wales, but what products is everyone using?

According to a recent study by the British Chiropractic Association, a third of people in Wales rely on digital fitness. Some people use personal trainers, others might have apps on their smartphones, while the rest are using an array of impressive health and fitness equipment we can now access for the home.

Digital fitness classes are on the rise, as the study suggests, but people can access a wide variety of equipment to improve a home workout further. Alongside the likes of Peloton and the live training sessions vast numbers of the Welsh population are enjoying, there is also a demand for gym tech and a variety of gadgets which are now suitable for the home. In fact, many home fitness lovers are using tons of fitness tech and gear.

Thanks to ongoing advancements and the impressive innovation we are continually exposed to, we are seeing a vast selection of superb products enter the fore. All this comes alongside the apps people use or the virtual classes some attend. Home fitness is appealing to the masses now. Not only doesn’t it provide someone with the perfect balance between binge-watching Amazon Prime or playing top video poker games in the UK, but people can register impressive results too. Home fitness, especially with a bit of strong will power, can go a long way.

With working out at home on the rise throughout the country, here is a look at a selection of top products the Welsh public can’t seem to get enough of at the moment.


Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Essentially like having a personal trainer and a whole gym in one system, the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System provides a highly effective workout for the entire body. The device can be mounted on a wall with ease before sampling one of the best methods of strengthening your whole body at the moment. Fitness enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System at the moment and it’s easy to see why.


OYO Personal Versatile Gym Equipment

It might only weigh 2.5 pounds, but the OYO Personal Versatile Gym Equipment provides a massively powerful workout. Delivering up to 40 pounds of weight resistance, you can do over 100 exercises using it.

Image via https://twitter.com/gbenro

Tangram skipping rope

Even the traditional skipping rope hasn’t managed to escape a technology-based makeover. In the case of the Tangram skipping rope, it comes with 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors to track your workouts and monitor important aspects of any session, such as your calorie burn. All data is logged in real-time and can be accessed during or after a workout to give users a clear overview of their progress.


PowerDot 2.0

 A popular product to use after a gruelling workout, the PowerDot 2.0 in a miniature device that targets your muscles and helps them recover thanks to its electrical stimulation. A noninvasive, battery-powered performance tool, it’s capable of seeing off even the most awkward of aches and pains.



Plenty of people turn to running as a form of exercise as it’s hugely beneficial. To get even better results from your runs, though, consider investing in NURVV Run’s impressive insole technology. The insole fits tidily into your running shoes or trainers, then from there, it records vitally important information regarding your running technique, such as foot strike, pronation and balance, and a whole lot more. GPS and pressure sensors will record your route, too.

Other popular products are the Jaxjox KettlebellConnect, Theragun PRO by Therabody, Bowflex Max Trainer M9 Total-Body Cardio Machine, and the Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill.