If you turn off the A474 in Ammanford onto Foundry Road, you will be greeted by the oldest family-run removals and storage business not only in Wales, but in the UK, established in 1889.

However, visitors to the premises will note that the business does not look the same as it did 6 months ago, after the company invested tens of thousands of pounds in its business during the pandemic, whilst competitors were saving – and the investment seems to be paying off.

Since lockdown restrictions were eased, the demand for house removals in Wales has doubled as first time buyers look to make the most of the average stamp duty cost dropping
by £4,500.

Anticipating a boost in the property market following lockdown, the family purchased one of their largest vehicles yet, investing over £100,000 in vehicles and the Ammanford site.  Nathan Smith, manager at Falconer explains:

“We had to be on the ball to survive,” Nathan added. “As a leading removals and storage business, we expected the increase and wanted to be ready to ride that wave – we are now flat out – thankfully, we were were ready to bounce back and take the surge in demand.”

The company credits their longstanding success to:

  • Customer service, offering a fully comprehensive moving experience from providing packing boxes to purpose-built storage
  • Confidence: The company is fully insured and clients say this helps them feel reassured
  • Experience: Obviously, with decades of experience moving the most delicate of belongings across the country, the company have built up an enviable reputation, which means much of their work comes on recommendation.

For more information on Falconer Removals, visit www.falconerremovals.co.uk .