As an up-and-coming business, you’d want to ensure that your office is centrally located, amongst other factors. For many of us, our office is our home away from home – in all respects, we can consider it our second home because most of our time is spent at the office! Many variables come into play when choosing an office – but one of the most important is your location. Your office needs to be accessible to you, of course – but it also needs to be accessible to new talent, new clients, and a new network who can help your business grow. It would also be great if it could be housed in a building with certain amenities which would be pleasing to your staff. But what else do you have to consider when selecting the best office location? Let’s find out.


Accessibility to your clients

The first consideration when it comes to selecting your office location is its accessibility to your clients. Would your clients be able to find it easily, or do they have to search high and low for it? Is it instantly recognisable, and are there any nearby landmarks? You’d want to be at the thick of it all – in other words, choose a location where your regular and new clients can easily converge. If you are located out of the way, your clients may easily forget you and go for a competitor closer to where they work or reside.


Close proximity to a diverse talent pool

You would also want your location to be close to a diverse pool of talent, especially in your area of expertise. For instance, if you are heavily into technology and innovations, it makes sense to settle in a location close to universities and educational institutions. There are many units to rent in Manchester, for example, that are located near schools and universities, and the crowd there is upwardly mobile, innovative, and brimming with ideas.


Figure out who will actually use the space

Another factor that comes into play when choosing your office location is who is the space actually for? In other words, who will use the space the most? Will your clients be coming in for meetings and conferences, or is it just for your staff (a place where everyone can work)? This is an important factor to think about since it changes the kind of office space you require – such as whether or not you need access to meeting/conference rooms, need a manned reception area or lobby, how the workstations/areas need to be laid out, and so on.


The flexibility of the office space

You may also want to think about flexibility. Where do you see yourself in a year or five years? If you anticipate a lot of growth, you need an office that can adjust and adapt quickly and effectively. This is why many business people and entrepreneurs prefer an office space that offers a lot of flexibility, like serviced offices. With that setup (which numerous start-ups have already taken advantage of), you don’t have to pay rent in advance, and you could rent office space by the month or week.


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