There is no denying that throughout the world there are pockets of places where gambling is the main aim of the day – Las Vegas for example, where there is a casino, slot machine or poker game happening on every street corner. People take holidays to Las Vegas just to experience their gambling culture, as it is something that really does need to be experienced to be believed.

Gambling in the UK might not be as extreme as the 24/7 culture that Las Vegas offers, but with nearly 30 casinos in London alone, it’s certainly something that many people enjoy! Even the fact that there are only 4 physical casinos in Wales doesn’t put people off, with plenty of people heading online to enjoy casino games via their smart devices.

What is Causing Gambling in Wales To Be On the Rise?

The popularity of gambling across the board is on the rise, not just in Wales. There are certain countries that have experienced a change in gambling thanks to Brexit, as this article explains but in general the popularity of gambling continues to increase.

The main for this is the accessibility of online gaming. People no longer have to head to Las Vegas for 24/7 gaming because they can experience it all from their phones. Online casinos have really upped their game over recent years which means that Welsh residents can enjoy a spin on a slot machine or a game of poker whenever they want.

Not online are games available all the time, but playing them has never been easier – some casino websites even have their own app which means it pretty much instant to open your phone and begin playing.

With instant access to games, a wide range of games to play and the opportunity to play from any smart device is it really any wonder that online gaming and casinos are on the rise?

Helping The Industry To Grow

People might be tempted to visit a physical casino but it often takes some forward planning and things like booking hotels to make that happen. However, online casinos want to be just as tempting with welcome offers available to new people who sign up. This means that if you join a casino website for the first time, you get the chance to get better value for money from your first deposit – some even let you play without having to deposit anything first!

With this on offer, people are much more likely to try; because who doesn’t love a bargain?

Of course, the social side of things also comes into play – with many casinos setting up chat rooms so that players can chat to others, share tips and techniques. This brings the social element of playing at a physical casino to the screen, helping players to enjoy the experience more.

So, how are casinos in Wales rising from the ashes? By making online casino platforms accessible, offering a wide range of games and tempting people in to play for the first time by offering a sign-up bonus.