Wales and the United Kingdom more generally have long ties to gambling. Even before the world moved online, punters would go to land-based establishments like casinos to play Blackjack or sportsbooks to bet on football matches and horse racing events. Of course, punters can still do both. However, it’s hard to compare these experiences with online casinos, especially when you consider the bonuses that online casinos in the United Kingdom offer.

At a land-based casino, punters might be lucky if they get a deal on drinks and food at the restaurant. However, when punter’s play on an online casino in the UK, they are almost always guaranteed to get some form of deal, like a casino bonus, which gives them more money to play real money casino games. Sometimes, the opportunity for more money outweighs the opportunity for food that’s 50% off.


What Are Casino Bonuses and Why Are They Offered?

Online casinos want to attract new players and retain existing ones. Therefore, they offer casino bonuses as an incentive. Casino bonuses are extra money offers that punters receive when they sign up and deposit to an online casino. There are many different casino bonuses in the UK, including a card registration bonus, a no deposit bonus, and bonus spins.


Card Registration Bonus

Some casinos in the UK offer a card registration bonus, which means punters can receive a reward — it’s usually free spins — when they add their bank card information. Not only is this a chance to receive free spins, but it also removes a lot of hassle. It’s very tedious having to input your credit card information every time you want to deposit on an online casino. By using a card registration casino site, players will only have to add this information once before claiming their reward.


No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is bonus money or free spins to play casino games like Blackjack or Roulette for free with no deposit required. Some casinos will offer free spins for customers that add a card, but more often than not, card registration is not required to receive this bonus. No deposit bonuses are one of the best ways to try a real money casino risk-free.


Bonus Spins

Bonus spins are real money spins that customers get for specific games, such as online slots. They are sometimes referred to as free spins or extra spins. It is also possible to get free spins when depositing at an online casino site. While bonus spins are preferable for those who enjoy slot machines, another attractive feature is that they also have the least terms and conditions attached to them.

Even if casinos never moved online, Welsh residents would still go to brick-and-mortar establishments on the weekends. Gambling is as rooted in the United Kingdom’s history and culture as much as football is. That said, there are benefits to the gambling industry going virtual, such as how it’s now possible to access new incentives, such as casino bonuses.