There are several reasons that people try to get fit quick. Some would like to get in shape for the beaches during their summer holidays, while others believe the summer is the right time to get fit and enjoy the natural world. Others still decide that it’s finally time to drop their bad habits and live a more healthy and fulfilling life. Whatever the reasoning behind your decision, this short guide will help you build a lifestyle that gets you fit as quickly as possible in the summer of 2022 and beyond.


Personal Trainers

There’s no doubt that the best motivation to get fit is a personal trainer. These individuals have your fitness as their core objective and know every trick in the trade to help you get there. They’ll put you through your paces each week and give you a firm amount of “homework” to do in the intervening days between your sessions. If you’re based up in Scotland, you’ll find a range of expert Personal Training Edinburgh personnel to link up with to get you fit. This is a role that you’ll be able to find throughout the UK, though – wherever you live and however you’d like to train.


New Habits

Some think that getting fit is all about dropping bad habits, like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or simply spending too much time on the sofa. While all of these bad habits are certainly no help to your fitness, dropping them won’t do as much good to you as picking up good, new habits instead. For instance, you could cut out that lie-in you’ve been enjoying since working from home and instead spend that time you would’ve spent commuting out on a run. You could also swap one of those weekly pub visits for a visit to the gym with friends. Such habits will help you settle into a healthier lifestyle.



In order to get fit, you’re going to need the fuel to give your body energy for your workouts. If you’re out to lose weight, you’ll still need to put food into your body in order to help you push yourself further. Many people will also be looking for muscle tone or to build larger muscles. In this case, getting in shape is as much about what you eat as what you lift. You’ll want to max out on protein and carbohydrates in order to help your body convert that food into muscle storage rather than fat.


Daily Exercise

To get fit quickly, you’ll want to exercise at least once a day. That might seem excessive, but it’s what it takes to get yourself in great shape in the least possible time. Be aware, though, that you shouldn’t be doing full-on sessions every day. Some of your workouts will be recovery workouts, while others will focus on parts of your body that you’ve not yet exercised in the week. Make sure you’re putting in the hours each day in order to give yourself the best shot at developing a fit physique.

Make positive lifestyle and exercise choices like those above in order to get fit as quickly as possible in the summer of 2022.