Most companies start thinking about an employer brand when it becomes necessary to increase the company’s attractiveness as a potential place of work for new or existing employees, or to improve the company’s social image.

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When it comes to developing an employer brand, there is a tendency to equate employer brand and good place to work.  As a result, in order to develop the employer’s brand, steps are being taken to raise wages, introduce bonuses, social packages and insurance, corporate training designed by professional office designers, branding clothes and accessories for employees, and support a social page.

At the same time, a logical consequence of such actions may be a situation in which the internal reality of the business will contradict the beautiful avenues.  Another “blacklist of employers” on one of the many online forums can be supplemented by a disappointed employee with a description of the discrepancy between the declared initiatives of the company and what is actually happening in the organization.  Therefore, it is best to accompany the activity on the development of the employer’s brand with work on optimizing certain internal processes of the company.

First, work to improve the corporate culture.  The corporate culture is directly dependent on the values   and the level of competence of the company’s leaders.  It is possible to conceptually equate the concept of “employer brand” with the concept of “personnel management culture” for company managers, since in this context, how well management manages personnel and processes will determine the attractiveness of the employer’s brand for existing and potential employees.  Initiated actions and projects in this direction will simultaneously fulfil two goals – to “strengthen” management and work for the employer’s brand.  In addition, this approach is not widespread enough and this can act as a competitive advantage for the company.

The first possible step: conducting an internal study, which will be aimed at clarifying the specifics and “bottlenecks” of management work, changing the pay system, revising the selection and adaptation process, creating a program for the development of managerial skills for managers.

Secondly, the revision of the procedure for career development in the company.  To do this, you need to focus on working with the company’s talents, since this will allow you to “strengthen” employees who can potentially enter the talent pool or move to a higher position right now, give them the necessary knowledge and experience, avoid demotivation, etc.  This will enable many of them to self-determine, understand their capabilities and limitations, and choose the right direction for their development.

Thirdly, communicating to line management the importance of systematic work with personnel.  Experience shows that as long as line managers do not think in terms of HR, high-quality business development does not occur.  Internal programs like “HR for non-HR” are a good way to instill this kind of thinking.  They allow, firstly, to explain to line managers their responsibility for personnel management processes.  Secondly, to transfer technologies and tools to line managers that allow them to be more involved in personnel management processes and understand all the necessary subtleties and features of these processes.

The first possible step: launching meetings with line managers for the exchange of best practice, creating a special working group in HR, preparing “spot” training activities for management.

Experience shows that if the development of the employer’s brand is accompanied by the improvement of these processes, the effect of actions taken in the field of increasing the company’s recognition in the market will be much higher, because  in addition to the communication of the company, the employees of the organization themselves will speak with the market, noting the changes that have taken place and confirming that their company is really the best.