It is currently easier than ever to learn the necessary skills required for any career. The internet is filled with useful learning materials and accessing the technology required for certain jobs has also become more accessible.

One industry in particular that has a high demand is tech, especially with programming but knowing how to get started in the world of programming can be difficult to understand – especially for someone with no prior experience.

The growing need for programmers means that the average salary for programmers is £39,239 which is well over the UK average. This is a great time to get into an expanding industry that will create more and more jobs for the foreseeable future and we’re here to show you how you can get started with programming.


Why does the world need programmers?

The demand for programmers is high for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is increased demand for websites and mobile applications which naturally means that the demand for people to make them will be higher too.

There is also an increasing complexity of programming projects which means that companies are beginning to hire more programmers to help to ensure that projects are successful. The rate that the technology industry is growing is one other reason for increased demand. The more development, the faster the industry expands which naturally creates a need for more programmers.


Top tips to start in programming.

Now that you know why the world needs programmers, understanding how to begin your programming journey can be made easier with these tips.

  • Practice – As the saying goes: practice makes perfect, the same applies to programming. A good way to begin practising is by using Arduino boards and modules which offer a good starting point to get into programming and learn step-by-step.
  • Work experience – Hands-on experience will always be a great way to learn a new skill. Look at it as a way to gain knowledge and boost your CV for when the time comes that you will apply to full-time positions.
  • Pick your programming language – Knowing how to choose your coding language is a big step for anyone getting into the industry. This is a big step as it will be the language that you will be learning for a while so making sure you choose wisely is critical. First, understand what your options are then choose the one that sounds the most interesting for you.
  • Don’t cut corners – Nobody said programming was easy, so ensure that you are giving it your all and not looking for shortcuts along the way. As you learn step-by-step, your knowledge will develop faster and you’ll develop a greater grasp of programming.