How to Unlock Your Garden’s Potential by Creating Indoor Living Spaces Outside

A recent study by MoneySuperMarket has revealed that the average price of garden possessions in the UK is now valued at a whopping £1,262 per home – equivalent to £28.5 billion nationally.

Luckily, Nationwide Supplies, the nationwide supplier of building and plumbing equipment at competitive prices, has compiled their ultimate top tips for creating indoor spaces that best utilise outdoor space. The guide is a go-to resource for those looking to craft a peaceful work sanctuary, host unforgettable gatherings at a busy garden bar or simply convert their shed into a snugglier summer setting. 

Summer is also the perfect time to make the most of green and natural spaces to cultivate outdoor living space. According to a government poll, last year alone 23% of adults, just under a quarter, reported that they had not spent any time in green or natural spaces in the previous two weeks – which can cause a significant impact on one’s mental and physical well-being over long periods of time. 

Government statistics have also revealed that close to four in ten Britons also say that nature and wildlife are more important than ever to their overall health and well-being. Therefore it’s no surprise that people are spending their hard-earned cash kitting out their gardens and making the most of their outdoor space. Nationwide Supplies have put together a comprehensive list of how to best utilise this garden space and compiled quick, cost-effective tips to add more space (and flair!) to your home and garden.


 Work from your Garden Office (from £5,000)- Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years, so you may want to consider building your own outdoor garden office. Not only will this give you more space, but it will also allow you to separate your work from your home life. 


Host Family and Friends at your Outdoor Bar (from £3,000) – Escape the crowds and make the most of summer evenings by crafting your own private bar area. Instead of navigating bustling beer gardens, ensure you always have a guaranteed seat for quality time with family and friends. Building an outdoor bar can also be cost-effective, spend less on evenings out and socialise from the comfort of home.  

For those looking to elevate their space, Nationwide Supplies suggests designing the open bar in a prime garden spot that can showcase its finest features. Creating a cosy ambience with festoon or fairy lights, whilst adding captivating wall art can also make the space more visually inviting to guests. 


Workout from your Garden Gym (from £6,000)– Break free from costly gym subscriptions by transforming your outdoor space into a personal workout zone. It is important to carefully assess the available space and choose suitable equipment based on height requirements. 


Snuggle up and watch a film in your Outdoor Cinema Room (from £15,000) – For a family-friendly and relaxing area, installing a garden cinema room is worth careful consideration. Although the initial installation for an outdoor cinema room is costly, installing an outdoor movie theatre proves to be cost-effective in the long term and enables users to cut back their spending on constant cinema trips and expensive family-friendly days out. 

When settling down for a movie marathon, utmost comfort is key, so it is vital to prioritise the cosy ambience of the setting. Alternatively, to create an authentic cinema experience you could also install stepped seating designed to prioritise and enhance the cinematic viewing experience. 


Take Time to Yourself in Your Man Cave/She Shed (from £11,000) –  Designing an outdoor space, such as a man cave or she shed offers the perfect opportunity to carve out a space that truly embodies one’s individuality. It also serves as a retreat that enables users to engage in hobbies, unwind and reflect on a long day within a space that features as an extension of one’s individuality, hobbies and interests.

The possibilities are endless -outdoor areas may be turned into a reading nook, an open green space for gardening, a games room for kids, or a music room. Whatever those looking to invest in their garden decide to do with that additional space – it’s important that it is enjoyed thoroughly!