Inclusive Journalism Cymru partners with Seren for “Cymru and I” – a series of essays on contemporary life in Wales

Following funding from Book Council Wales, Inclusive Journalism Cymru and Seren have joined forces to create “Cymru and I” a collection of ten essays from writers across Wales. Each writer will share their individual experiences, thoughts, and ideas of contemporary life in Wales.

Drawing on the authors’ experiences, Cymru and I will shed light on contemporary Wales from the perspective of under-represented communities offering an alternative view of Wales. The aim to publish the radical, weird, important, brilliant, and bold writing that reflects how diverse Wales is, while not being afraid to challenge the status quo.

Writers are invited to sign-up free to Inclusive Journalism Cymru’s network where they can then submit their proposal for commission. Proposals will be accepted up to the 20th of February, when the editors, Siriol Griffiths and Emily Price will review and commission ten.

First launched in 2022, Inclusive Journalism Cymru is a collaborative network open to anyone in Wales who feels they or their community has been systemically under-represented in the industry. Together, members are supporting each other and working towards journalism which better reflects society.

Founder and Director Shirish Kulkarni said, “One of the reasons we started Inclusive Journalism Cymru was to create new opportunities for writers from marginalised identities or backgrounds to build their skills and portfolios, whilst also being paid fairly. We’re delighted that, with the support of Books Council of Wales and Seren, “Cymru and I” will do that, by showcasing writing that reflects members’ diverse experiences of living and working in Wales.”

Seren is Wales’ leading independent literary publisher, specialising in English-language writing from Wales. Mick Felton, Publisher of Seren, said, “Seren has published books about Wales and books by writers from under-represented backgrounds consistently over the last forty plus years. We’re delighted to partner with Inclusive Journalism Cymru in this new venture to widen the way in which Wales is expressed to itself and to the world beyond. This is a significant step to bring new writers to readers old and new, and to look at ourselves in the early twenty-first century.”

For further information, you can contact the Inclusive Journalism Cymru team at: