Info about the Parimatch Foundation – all the programmes and some latest updates

Before the war volunteering in Ukraine was growing in popularity – and support for charities continues to be popular.  However – there are plenty of common stereotypes about that type of organization and the efficiency of that help.

One of the main Parimatch Foundation goals is to get rid of these stereotypes and project a positive image of charitable organizations. The foundation was launched by Parimatch a few years ago, and even for that short period, the Foundation has achieved many important goals.

Today the international charitable organization Parimatch is a multi-specialized organization that works with disabled children and disadvantaged families, and is also now helping people who have been affected by the current war. The main volunteering Ukraine mission is to support the well-being and health of society, through involvement in sports and raising the level of education.

The Parimatch Foundation – how can you help Ukrainians from your country

Today this international charitable foundation works with children in such areas as education, sports, and socialization. It is an investment in a harmonious, healthy and conscious future. Every volunteer in Ukraine knows about it so there is a high level of trust in it. The main foundation programs are:

  • Yes, I can! – helps disabled children who want to develop their talents in professional sports and build a successful future. Here every kid can find out what is the best discipline for his/her goals achievement.
  • The sports mentor – an interesting program that was made to support children who need to work on their social skills, whilst also helping them achieve their full potential and enable them to become self-reliant and self-supporting members of society. That’s really important for the disabled children who also want to live the full life and be successful in their chosen sphere!

Also there are the “New sports culture” and the “Boost4Best” programs. You can learn more about these programs via the Parimatch Foundation website, where you will find more detailed information and step-by-step instructions to help children and Ukrainians who are suffering from the war. Feel free to email the charity’s support team if you need more information or have any questions about the program and all the ways you can help.

While there are still some issues for charities operating in Ukraine sat this time, not least opportunities to volunteer are currently difficult, the charity continues to operate and you can still help them from where you are right now.

All you need is to make a few first steps to become one of the Parimatch Foundation angels and you can start helping people. You can choose the program to take part in from the four available offers. Each of them is working – even in the current situation because now the disabled children and disadvantaged families from Ukraine need professional and financial help even more than before.

Running these projects is bringing people out of themselves and helping them reach their full potential. Once again, they’re useful members of society and build their own life with simple access to all the possibilities.