Leading family solicitor offers expert advice to warring couples on Divorce Day

One of the most common days in the calendar for warring couples to consult a divorce solicitor is upon us again.

Divorce Day, which falls on the first working Monday in January each year, is marked with an influx in enquiries to solicitors regarding divorce.

According to statistics the number of enquiries solicitors receive about divorce on this day doubles, with many spouses pushed over the edge by tensions during the festive season.

Here Jill Bulteel, Director and Head of Family at JCP Solicitors, offers expert advice to couples considering divorce.


Why do more people enquire about divorce on this day?

There are a number of factors which make this day the most likely time for couples to enquire with a divorce solicitor.

For couples who are already facing difficulties in their marriage, the festive season may add even more strain due to financial concerns, spending more time together, and added family stress.

This could be enough to push some couples over the edge with many choosing to enter a new year by leaving their unhappy marriage behind.

The popularity in enquiries on this date could also be down to spouses wanting to enjoy Christmas without ongoing divorce proceedings hanging over them, particularly if they have children.


What is the first step for couples who are considering divorce?

In the first instance, couples who feel that their marriage has irretrievably broken down should contact a specialist who can discuss their case sensitively.

The solicitor will help you:

  • Outline what you feel the issues in the marriage are
  • Whether these can be resolved with mediation
  • If not, they can discuss your options and outline what your rights are
  • They will also explain your ex-partner’s rights
  • Give an outline of how the process will progress


Jill Bulteel said: “As solicitors we recognise that this is an emotional and extremely difficult time for you and your family.

“As such we are there to listen to you and help you get through this time in the most simple and stress free way.”


What are the main things divorcing couples need to consider?

Outside of the divorce itself, the main things many couples need to agree on are the living arrangements surrounding any children and how to divide their finances.

The living arrangements involving the  children will be dealt with separately to the divorce, however, ensuring the children’s wellbeing at this challenging time will be the top priority for any divorce solicitor.

As such they may encourage you to use alternative dispute resolution to resolve matters involving your children, to help minimise the stress involved in child-related disagreements.

Financial matters can also become incredibly complex, particularly if spouses have investments, pensions, property, and business interests to separate.  As such a divorce solicitor with experience in financial matters can talk you through this process in detail to ensure all finances are divided fairly.

How long does a divorce take?

The divorce process can take a minimum of 26 weeks, however, more complex cases involving finances and other matters can lead to a longer divorce.

Jill Bulteel added: “We recognise that divorce is extremely upsetting and stressful for families regardless of the date.

“If you do come to a decision that divorce is the right choice for you, then it is really important that you get the right legal advice to ensure this difficult time is handled sensitively and professionally.

“Ultimately your solicitor is there to guide you through all your options and to ensure you know your legal rights. They want to help you start the next chapter of your life in as positive a way as possible.”

JCP Solicitors has a highly experienced family law team which is dedicated to supporting families through this challenging time. Their professional team aim to make your divorce and any financial claims as smooth and stress free as possible. Providing you with sensitive but practical advice about your options and helping you avoid conflict wherever possible.

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