Pupils in Blackwood have designs on a greener future by making old clothes into new

Primary school students in Blackwood have been working to redesign the future by making old clothes into new with support from a forward thinking fashion designer.

Pupils at Libanus Primary School re-purposed unwanted garments before showcasing their new designs on the catwalk at a special ‘trash-ion’ show held to highlight the damaging effects the fast fashion industry can have on the environment.

Classmates were inspired by Cardiff-based designer and Welsh clothing brand founder Sam Osborne, who visited during a fortnight of earth-related activities held at the school to help mark world Earth Day.

Students also read the book ‘Mother Earth is Weeping’ by Claire Donald before working in groups to cut up, sew, glue and embroider old clothes that were then worn by year 5 and 6 pupils, who took to the catwalk to show off their new creations.

Lily Egan, 10, Head Girl at Libanus Primary School, said:  “We want people to think carefully about the clothes that they buy and get the message across – buy less, re-use more, because the less items we buy the less the environment will be harmed.”

James Vacariuc, 11, Head Boy, added:  “This Earth Fortnight has been a great experience and taught us about the massive impact fast fashion is having on our environment. It has been a brilliant opportunity to expand my creativity, working with others to create a fashion show which only uses recycled materials and highlights how we can turn trash into fashion.”

During his visit, Mr Osborne told the children why he set up his ethical clothing line, Make-Land, to help inspire them to want to repurpose clothes and use materials they already had at home, instead of contributing further to fast fashion.

Pupils then presented their creations to fellow students, teachers and Governors of the school at a special fashion show held in the school hall.

Carol Erasmus, Governor, said: “I really enjoyed watching the fashion show, many thanks to all the children in Year 5 and Year 6 for their hard work and enjoyment in the project, and to the staff for their dedication and enthusiasm too. The most important thing is that the message about saving our planet has been understood, and I am a very proud Governor of Libanus Primary.”

Nicola Williams, headteacher at Libanus Primary School, added: “It was a real joy to watch the confident way that our oldest pupils strutted their stuff on the catwalk in their trash-ion show. The use of recycled materials to create their catwalk clothes was inspirational.”